Tuesday, July 31, 2007

DeJa Vu

It's happening all over again...the first cardiologist who found her VSD (hole) last Friday was right...it does need to be fixed before she can go home....what this means: We are back in the OR tomorrow.

Kate had a hard time coming back on the vent. Her pressures really dropped and they realized that she had a lot of fluid in the lungs. They are now under the assumption that her VSD is causing too much blood flow to her lungs...causing the "breathing on her own" problems we experienced this morning. They want to go ahead and fix the VSD...as soon as possible...as soon as she is stable and her lungs have cleared up a bit. She is on the schedule for tomorrow (Wednesday) around 10ish....but that could easily change....hopefully we should know more by later this evening.

What a blow this morning...Andy and I are both in shock...kinda numb...not knowing what to feel... or say...or ask. There is a part of me that is glad they are going to have this hole fixed before she comes home. I have nightmares that it would cause problems 6 months down the road and we would have had to go back in as soon as she had recovered. I hate hate hate the fact that my little baby girl has to go back under the knife...but since it has to be...I guess it's better now. I just hold tight to the fact that they would not do the surgery unless she was completely stable and able to handle it. They did say they don't like to do back to back bypass machine operations because of the swelling that can occur...but they should be able to keep it under control.

It's been a crazy day in the PICU for us....and based on our bird's eye view of the nurses station for the entire staff and other families as well.
But for now, Kate is resting peacefully again...dreaming in lala land of ice cream, Popsicles, walks and tickles on her toes. We'll be back there soon Baby Kate, I promise!


Deanna said...

Oh sweet ones, I'm so, so sorry that Miss Kate is headed back to the OR again. Know that we'll be sending up MANY prayers tomorrow for her.... BELIEVING that God will use the hands and minds of those wonderful physicians to fix her little heart and make it PERFECT!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi, Krista. Feel that light pressure on the back of your wrist? It's me, giving your hand a little squeeze, letting you know I'm "there," cheering you and Andy and Kate on every step of the way! Love and Hugs, Susan

Judy Davis said...

Krista & Andy, I could
hardly believe that sweet little Kate has to have another surgery tomorrow.
You are on a see-saw with her. But just think that she will be all fixed when she goes home! Prayers, prayers & more prayers.....
Love, Judy & Charlie