Sunday, August 12, 2007

2 for 2

Kate ate again...took the whole bottle and wanted more...AND kept it down. Things are looking good that she is able to tolerate the oral feedings into her tummy. She is lovin' it and 3 ounces is not enough for her. They will slowly begin to add more once they know she is tolerating it well...then we can get those two tubes out of her nose.

They were able to pull one of her venous lines....just one more line going directly into her body. We're getting there. She still needs that for drawing blood and getting her IV antibiotics. So far...nothing nasty growing in those cultures. Prayers are being answered. looks as I've been re-hired as mommy! My every 3 hour feeding schedule is back on! I am so grateful and will gladly get up any hour of the day to feed my little girl! This sittin' on the couch just watching her sleep was getting really really old!

The doctor's biggest concern right now is just making sure she doesn't get back into that funky heart rhythm and if so...that it doesn't affect her blood pressure and breathing again. But if she stays out of that and continues to eat so well...we'll be on our way!

She is doin' good....GO KATE GO!


Anonymous said...

What wonderful news after such an upsetting 36 hrs. Please check your e-mail account for a picture that I sent from Covenant today, since I couldn't figure out how to do an attachment here. It shows Jesus' large hand holding a small girl in it and references Matthew 11:28 "Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest." Our prayer for you is that you and Kate will find that perfect and comforting rest really soon.
Steve & Marlene

Melissa said...

I'm so happy that she's eating and tolerating it! I will continue to pray for negative cultures, tolerating feedings and getting her nose tubes out soon! I'm very happy that you feel like a "mommy" again!

Anonymous said...

Thrilled to hear such a great report tonight!! Praise God for His continued goodness to all of you!

Dave & Nancy

Anonymous said...

Go Kate Go!
Thoughts and prayers are with you.

Love and hugs,
Art & Reen