Thursday, August 23, 2007

3rd Time's a Charm

Kate giving a little bit of an evil eye...she's a little cautious.

Kate is once again off the vent, for the 3rd time these 2 hospital stays. She did really well and is doing great so far...after about 15 minutes. We had a little scare this morning, as the 1st time they turned down her vent...her sats dropped and she was breathing hard...a few minutes later they tried again and she was doing well. So...all looks good...she is playing with her toys and suckin' on that pacifier. We're off to get some lunch before they close...more info soon!
Kate and Corry, the night respiratory therapist...hopefully, Kate's last picture with a tube and an RT! Corry takes great care of Kate during the night!

Kate soon after extubation with Roger....Roger was the RT who continuously gave Kate compressions on Tuesday! What a hero!


Melissa said...

Roger's a great CPR giver! You couldn't have had anyone better working on her! She looks great and I'm glad she's free of her tube and playing with her paci again! Can't wait to see you all tomorrow, just wish it were under different circumstances. Told you to come visit, not come back as a patient!

Jamie Peppler said...

Krista: I have been reading and praying for you via Deanna Greene. I read her blog often and she often posts updates on Kate. I did not think I knew you at all until today! I juat realized I went on a mission trip with you when you were the youth director at a church in Fort Wayne. It was a trip your youth took with RIM and I happened to be one of Terry LeMaster's helpers on the trip. It's amazing how small the world really is! I will continue to keep Kate and your family in my prayers. I am now a nurse and work in an ICU, so I understand how difficult long days and nights are in the ICU. Take care, Jamie (Phegley) Peppler

Deanna said...

I just love the pictures of the staff with Kate.... you can just see it in their eyes: they adore her!!! I am sure that your family is a blessing to each of them.... your testimony rubs off on everyone you come in contact with at the PICU!

Love you guys!

Anonymous said...


It was a shock to read that Kate was back in the PICU! But, I am so very thankful to God that she is doing well. Just wish I could do something for you. I have all my friends and relatives praying mightily for Kate. I know God has big plans for her. Kate is blessed with a wonderful Mother and Father. I just love reading the blog! May God continue to bless Kate and you! Linda

Anonymous said...

Hey Krista,

Glad to read things are looking up today. Poor little Kate is such a trooper! It sounds as if she is in very capable hands, though, praise God. I'm happy to see she is "asking" for her favorite things and is responsive and comfortably resting. Go, Kate!

Take good care - Gina

Anonymous said...

Yeah, Kate!! So happy she is off of the vent.

Dave & Nancy