Monday, August 13, 2007

All I Need Is Mommy!

Kate is doing more tube is gone. They did pull her NG tube today. If she continues to do well with eating today, they will pull the final nasal tube tomorrow morning. She is on the smallest amount of oxygen you can be on....she should be off of that soon.

As far as eating..she has done great for me. She did spit up last night for the night nurse...but not for me! I guess it's that year of practice we had....I think I might be sleeping in her room tonight...but that's okay....I don't mind feeding me sweet little girl! She was able to get some yogurt today for lunch...she is having some, the thicker the food the better. She loved every bite and would have eaten more if I had not stopped her as to not overdue it the 1st time.

They are going to finish the week with IV antibiotic we are probably here at least through Friday...but maybe moving out of ICU tomorrow...but I am not making plans, cause as soon as we do....Kate has a way of changing it!

Will take some pictures tonight of Kate playing and eating...her personality is slowly slowly peeking through.

Love to all!


Melissa said...

Mommy is all they ever need isn't it! So glad she's doing so well and that the end is hopefully in sight! Hope I get to see you one more time before you leave! But don't hang around on my account!

Deanna said...

Yea! Yea! Yea!!!!! It's been SO fun to jump on the blog and read about Kate's great progress!