Friday, August 3, 2007

Anniversary Celebrations

Scenario 1:

Scott and Deanna get a weekend away at a 4 star hotel in Indy. Both their boys are together and being doted on by lovin' grandparents. They have 3 days to just connect, sleep, enjoy life and the sights of Indy!Scenario 2:
Andy and Krista get 9+ days in the PICU in Indy. They get to sleep in a "sleep room" with 2 twin beds or a camper in a parking lot! Their kids are separated, one almost completely sedated on pain medicine. They have endless days to sit in a 15x16 room and watch monitors.

Who wins?

We were blessed to be visited by Scott and Deanna on their 10 year anniversary trip to Indy! Congrats guys and thanks for sharing a few hours with us and bringing us some homemade goodies. They are awesome friends...and we can thank Deanna for getting me into the "blogging" world! Hope you guys have a wonderful weekend away.

Andy and I had a nice day and we truly know how good we do have it. We enjoyed a very nice dinner out...just the two of us.... and actually feel very fortunate to have the use of my parent's camper. It is great to have a place to get away, sleep and keep some homemade, non-restaurant type food. Thanks for leaving it here for us!! We know it is not the ideal 5th anniversary conditions...but we will find time to celebrate in a few weeks. We are grateful to have the 4 of us...even if we are seperated for a bit!

I'm so glad I said, "I DO" 5 years ago...and I guess we just got a quick reality dose of: "for better or worse!" I love you Andy and am so glad we got married.


Anonymous said...

We were happy to have your Mom & Dad with us tonight at dinner.We're caught up on Kate now, too.

Happy Anniversary! Hopefully, next year will be a better one. I know that you two are glad to have each other.

Dave & Nancy

Anonymous said...

Hi Krista & Andy,

Happy Anniversary! Sorry you have to celebrate it under these circumstances, but I'm glad you enjoyed a nice dinner out.

Sounds like the worst is over now...I pray that Kate continues to gain strength and has a speedy recovery.

You must be missing Seth like crazy in between your visits with him. I'm sure he's missing Kate, too. Hopefully it won't be long until the four of you are back together again.

Hang in there!


Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary! I love hearing your perspective, and how appreciative you are. You are a great role model. You’ve opened my eyes and I try to spend more time appreciating all the wonderful gifts I have in my life. What a rewarding way to spend time! We are glad to see Kate doing well, and we have spread the word. Our friends and family are praying for Kate and your family.

The McConkey's

Anonymous said...

Krista... I think that ALL of you are WINNERS! You and Andy just happen to be in the middle of a long drawn out bout, Sweetheart. But you need to keep in mind that what counts isn't how many times you get your lights punched out... it only matters that you stand up and answer the bell at the next round. And You Are!!

Know that your Blog Fans are out here, cheering you on every step of the way. Next year’s Anniversary celebration will be great, because there’s nowhere else to go but UP! (grin) Love and Hugs, Susan

Anonymous said...

Happy Belated Anniversary! It is a pleasure to know you both and to see how God shines through these times in your life. "For better or worse" is very true. Just remember it is "for better" also.

Trust you will be able to enjoy a nice anniversary outting later.

The Siglins