Thursday, August 30, 2007


I've learned a couple things after my stay in the PICU. ALWAYS ASK! I can't tell you how many things we have received, gotten, learned, etc. from just asking. Today I asked if they had a BUMBO seat...the Child-Life lady said "No"...but returned a couple hours later and said "I"ve worked my magic" and loaned us a brand new BUMBO. For all you out there who have no idea what a BUMBO's a soft cushiony seat that supports new sitters....or in Kate's case...those who are weak and need some extra support. It's been great today to get her up sitting and playing! She got her 1st experience with hospital room service tonight! She didn't seem to mind...but it was pretty bland to my taste. She did amazingly well eating her mac & cheese and carrots! Chocolate pudding was the perfect thing to top it all off. I am really amazed at how well she has been eating....almost better than pre-surgery. And...she hasn't thrown up and refluxed a single ounce since our return trip! That in itself is a huge blessing!
She has been pretty "needy" this afternoon/evening. She will fall asleep in my arms, but the minute I lay her down...she starts crying. Gayle has her currently...and it's not going so well. I've always wanted a "momma's girl"...but this is the extreme! The only relief...when she is chewing on her biter biscuits...those are a God-send!
So...hopefully, another bottle at 11 and she will sleep through the night! She has been doing pretty good at that the past few nights. Another good day!