Sunday, August 26, 2007

A Day At The Spa

We've had a pretty good evening and afternoon with Ms. Kate. They went ahead and started her on Viagra (yep, Viagra) for her heart. That will hopefully (prayerfully) open up her blood vessels and allow better blood flow out of her heart. They will slowly increase that and then slowly decrease the Milrinone..and then we watch to see how she is tolerating it.

Liver and kidney wise..she is doing better...most of her numbers are improving. She has been eating well today so that should help even more. Her bilirubin is up a little today so she is a little yellow in the face, but it is nothing alarming (yet!). She finally had a "code brown" and that is the big news around here...that should also improve her numbers to get those toxins out of her.

She just had a big-time a new oxygen cannula and leads and fresh clothes and blankies. She even had her nails done...a day at the spa for our little princess.

She is eating well...ate a great lunch of prunes/apples and pumpkin/pear. Yum Yum! She was lovin' it.

Andy is off driving around northern Indiana doing lessons plans, picking up Seth and dropping him off at his parents for a few days. He will be back tonight and mom will leave this evening in order to get ready for their 1st day of school tomorrow. She has been a great help's amazing how many people it can take to bathe her, feed her and get her situated.

We're feeling better about things....hoping and praying that the Viagra will do the trick. The cardiologists will meet tomorrow...but we have already started the process of getting her on that drug. Continued prayers for her liver function to improve and that her heart will begin working more effectively.

We were blessed by visits from Carl and Heather as well as my cousin, Paula and her husband Bill. Thanks for taking the time to see us.

Kate chewing on her peach puffs....3-4 new teeth have popped through this past month! Here she is working hard to chew...chew...chew!


Anonymous said...

Okay... I'll buy the bit about the Viagra...
but if next you tell me she needs Rogaine... :)

"Good Job, Kate and Team!!"

So Glad for the Happy News Today.

Love and Hugs, Susan

Melissa said...

So glad you and Kate have had a great day. She was a very good girl for me last night! Hope you guys got some sleep. Thank goodness for the Viagra's unknown use as it has truly helped many children! I will keep praying that it works great for Kate too!

Anonymous said...

I actually printed off the comments that you posted last night and took for my kids to read today. I knew that I couldn't remember all of the details. It is just amazing how complicated the human body is. Let's hope the next few days are a lot more uneventful!


Anonymous said...

Wow! You've certainly had a lot of ups and downs. Hope you know we're thinking about all of you and glad to hear Kate is doing better today.

Anonymous said...

Praying for a great "Pow Wow" for the doctor's tomorrow to get all your questions answered and Kate to continue on the right track!
A friend in Texas!

Deanna said...

Medicine baffles me.... viagra?!! Amazing!!! :)

Glad that Kate is eating better today and had the big ol' "code brown"! YIPPE!!!! :) Go Kate GO!!! Love ya!

Anonymous said...

So grateful that yesterday's difficulties yielded a new perspective on what has been so baffling about Kate's condition. Is yesterday the first time the "Viagra doctor" has been on Kate's case? God surely works in mysterious ways.
Praise the Lord for a day of progress and spa time!
Grace Point prayed for Kate this morning. Praying for more wisdom from the Dr. pow-wow tomorrow and for a week of smooth healing for Kate.
With loving care,
Carol M.