Thursday, August 16, 2007

Dinner Guests

Sharyn feeding's been awhile since she's fed a baby! Great Job, Sharyn...those mommy skills never go away!

Kate had company tonight for her dinner. My high school bud, Sharyn, came over for a visit with her son and daughter. Kate was having her dinner in a high chair. She was very interested in eating and ate a wonderful dinner of: carrots, apple/blueberries, banana puffs and grape juice! We almost couldn't get the food in fast enough! Kate is doing great eating solids.

4 year old Ava helping give Kate her sippy....somebody was a little impatient! far as the bottle, she is being a little stubborn. She hasn't taken a whole bunch for me today and obviously we don't want her to get dehydrated. Well...tonight, when she refused the bottle of Pediasure, we offered her just whole milk in a bottle. Again...refusal! But...the stubborn little princess did take the whole milk from a sippy cup! Is she so done with that bottle already? I have a feeling I am going to lose a lot of hair over the next month trying to get this girl to eat. Her appetite is probably smaller from the surgery, she isn't feeling well from the drugs and she is just still recovering. I'll be interested to see what happens tonight for Nicole, the night nurse...Kate has eaten really well for her the last two nights.

Our friend, Sarah, relaxing Kate with her calming voice and touch. Sarah is Dr. Abraham's nurse practioner....she has been a great encouragment to us this past week (she was on vacation the 1st two weeks we were here!)


Melissa said...

Looks like she's enjoying her food! I'm glad that she is doing so well. Hope to see you all tonight! Enjoy your day!

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