Sunday, August 5, 2007

A Face with a Name

Kate and her very talented pediatric heart surgeon, Dr. Abraham!

Kate continues to make SLOW progress...but at least we are headed in the right direction. She is improving and her chest xray looks better today than yesterday. They still want one more day before they extubate to try and clear off some of the fluid in her lungs and stomach.

Dr. Abraham just pulled her pulmonary pressure line and one of the pacing wires. She lost the brain and kidney monitors a couple days the lines are coming out! Plus...he took the bandage off of her incision site....more signs we are getting closer to coming home. They doubled her formula intake...she is up to 10cc an hour! All the nurses comment on how well she is doing and how good she looks...we cling to that...they should know!

Kate continues to show us waking glimpses of her beautiful eyes. She rested well last night and got a good report card from her night nurse, Melissa! Melissa (and all the nurses) have just been awesome. Last night, she fixed Kate's vent tape job and mommy thinks she looks so much least now, her upper lip isn't taped down. Melissa is married to Gary...a guy with whom I graduated high school! SMALL WORLD!

I got treated to breakfast again from Mira, my college roommate. I then got a tour of her new townhouse in downtown Indy...very nice. Andy just left for Portland to spend some of the day with Seth (and do some laundry!) I sent him with specific instructions for my favorite shirts...let's see if he passes the test! So...another lazy Sunday afternoon...just "the girls" hangin' out! Love to all!


Melissa said...

Glad you were pleased with her tape job. Enjoy your lazy Sunday!

Anonymous said...

I love being able to hang out with you while you're in Indy and get you out of the hospital for short periods of time. I'm thrilled about Kate's progress and look forward to seeing you again at the end of the week!


Judy Davis said...

Krista & Andy, Spent the afternoon at the Lake with your parents, Krista. They
are always so fun- so I got the first hand information. So very, very glad that sweet Kate is coming right along. Your Mom was almost crying when she told me how Kate claps her hands.
Love you, Judy & Charlie

Deanna said...

Hey dear ones! It was such a blessing to see you guys and your sweet little miracle on Friday! Kate is such a gem!!!

We're sorry that you weren't able to enjoy a weekend away, too (your post the other day on your anniversary made my heart hurt for you as well).... BUT.... we're trusting that your time is coming SOON!!!! We were thankful that we could come and share a hug or two (and some sweets!).... thanks for supporting us during our difficult times and for allowing us to walk alongside of you during yours! We love you!