Friday, August 3, 2007

Feeding Time Again

Kate is finally getting some nourishment....not much to my liking, but at least it has all the nutrients, fats, proteins...etc to help her grow and gain energy. The saddest part is that it won't satisfy her sense of hunger as it goes in intravenously...but at least it will give her some strength. I think this little girl is going to get all the icecream she wants once this is all over.
She is doing fine today....just sleeping away, with an occasional few kicks. No word on the infection and no sign of fever, so hopefully, they caught it in time. Not much planned for the weekend, just giving her time for rest and strength building. Just quick visits from the doctors assuring us all is well.

No...this isn't her foot. She is flexible...but just her hand in a bootie to keep her from pulling out her tubes. It seems a little more humane than tying her arms down. And...the lovely stuff coming out of the tube in her nose....stomach acid. They want that out of her tummy since there is nothing in there for it to digest!