Friday, August 31, 2007


We are FINALLY getting consistent ear to ear smiles out of Kate. She is in great spirits right now and is having tons of fun with playing with us....especially Gayle. She is lovin' peek-a-boo and playing with her balloon. It's been a long time...since she has smiled...the best part is that it shows she is feeling better. YEAH! She is even doing a little bit of a laugh! PRAISE GOD!

We are trying to get some more protein in her diet. So...we will be experimenting with new foods and we have added some Carnation Instant Breakfast to her milk 3x a day. Otherwise, not many changes to her routine today. The Administrative Assistant just went to Kroger and came back with 40 jars of stage 3 food with protein in them...just for her! She is the princess around here! Whatever Kate wants...she gets!! Plus Marilyn (the AA) just brought in a backpack filled to the brim with crayons, markers, clay, paper, etc. for Seth! We are loved!

It's getting more fun as she is able to play more and more. We have started physical and occupational therapy a couple times a week so that should get her more strength and control...with that huge IV board on her hand. Here she is playing with her new balloon from nurse Christie! (I'm sure not all of the patients get personal gifts from the nurses!)

Last night we had a special photo shoot with Dr. Chatan. He has a special place in our he was the Intensivist on duty when Kate came back last Tuesday! He's our hero who saved Kate's life! It was so cute...he would only have his picture with her if he could hold her! How sweet is that. Everybody is lovin' Kate!


Deanna said...

LOVE that smile!!! YEA!!! Love the picture with the doc, too... what an amazing team! I'm so glad that they are loving on you guys!!! Heck, who wouldn't with that sweet little gal?!! :)

Anonymous said...

How wonderful to see that smile!
Love you,
Grandma & Pampaw

Melissa said...

You're so right, you are all loved! I loved Dr. Chaten's response when asked if he would have his picture taken with Kate! He is a wonderful doctor and we are blessed to have him! I love that she is smiling more and feeling better. I'm sure Seth will be able to put all of the items that Marilyn gave him to great use! Gotta love all the art you get to do in preschool!

Judy Davis said...

Dear Krista, What a beautiful smile that Kate has! She looks so much more grown up in her seat.
Also glad that she can eat more human foods. This will make her grow! Sounds like you are having a better time in Indy. Saying
prayers ---- Love, Judy Davis

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful thing it is to see Kate feeling better! That must make Mommy feel a lot better too.
We praise God for her progress and continue to pray for her healing.
Our love to all of you. Linda D.