Friday, August 10, 2007

Friday Night LIVE!

Kate suckin' down that bottle in no yummy to even have some water in my mouth!

It's been an exciting night here in the PICU! Kate is still really junky and she is having a hard time coughing "the gunk" up! We suspect it hurts and she is still so weak. So the respiratory therapist has been aggressively suctioning her. We got the go-ahead to give her just one ounce of Pedialyte in a bottle! She was so ready for something in her mouth. I'm sure after this long with no fluid in her mouth, she was really dry! We knew since whenever we put blistix on her lips, she would lick it right off. She took it down in no time flat! She did spit-up a little of the pedialtye...but it was so thick and mucousy. Drs. Nana and mommy think she just needed some fluid to loosen things up.
Then...after a little lovin' I put her back in bed to change her diaper! We had a full fledge blowout! Took all three of us (mommy, Nana and nurse) 30 minutes to get her cleaned up...guess that Miralax really is a "Miracle laxative!" Kate is now settled in bed, all cleaned up in nice new jammies for the night! Sleep tight little one!
Mira, Mom and I had a great dinner tonight at the Macaroni Grill---my new favorite restaurant here in Indy! It has been great to see my college roomie so much during this stint in Indy...just wish it was under different circumstances. Thanks Mira for dinner! You're awesome...Love ya...KK
Seth and daddy are enjoying some time at home....catching up on stuff and just playing. They are headed back to Indy tomorrow afternoon. I miss you both!


Anonymous said...

Glad to hear that after we had dinner, that Kate got her version of dinner, too! :)

It's been great to see you, Andy and your Mom and to catch up. I'm always here if you need me ... in person, via e-mail or on the phone. Love you, KK!


Anonymous said...

Drs. Nana and Mommy are doing great. Glad to hear she took that bottle fast. Remember the old days!
Enjoy the day with Seth and Daddy.
Love and hugs to all,
Art & Reen