Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Get Some Rhythm

Kate had a great night...she has been stable and seems pretty comfortable. She is awaking appropriately...and easily goes back to sleep. All the doctors are really pleased with how good she looks and how well she is doing.

The plan now is to get a cardiology plan. The cardiology rhythm expert is going to look at her EKG and possibly do a heart cath where he can look in her heart at all the rhythms. If he does that, they will leave her intubated....if he chooses not to do one...they will work at getting her off the tube in the next 24 hours. They think she might have a stage1 heart block...basically, there is a delay between the atrium signal and ventricle signal. Who knew the heart was so electrically based! I am completely in awe of God and his creation with the human body....there are so many minerals and electrolytes that have to be in complete harmony with one another! AMAZING...and amazing how fast things can go "BAD" when all those aren't in line!

The chaplain came in and talked with us today...she is an awesome lady! She did tell us yesterday was her 2nd scariest moment with a family in 9 years! WOW! Kate is amazingly strong and has pulled through, amidst some terrible odds! GO KATE GO! we wait and see. Kate is still on no pain our goal is to keep her comfy and calm...even with a giant tube down her throat. She is enjoying some Baby Einstein and her birds mobile! The staff is awesome around here...I asked them for the bird a minute, they were on the hunt! "When Kate wants birds...she gets birds!" Andy asked for a BMW convertible...they weren't on that one so fast! Keep those prayers coming!
Love to all


Melissa said...

I'm so happy to hear she is doing well. I'm sure the tears were in abundance yesterday. I know I would have been among them had I been there. It breaks our hearts to see a little one go through something so rough, and especially the families. I will continue to check in for my updates. Keep them coming.

Deanna said...

So thankful to hear that Kate is still stable, and that the doctors have a plan for investigating the issues that are going on.

Sounds like Andy should keep asking for the BMW convertible.... those docs and nurses seem to adore you guys enough that they just might make it happen! HA!!! Love you much! Sending hugs.... and scotch-a-roos your way! :)

Anonymous said...

So good to get a positive report. Dave & I went to church this morning and prayed mightily for Kate and all of you. Will check in later for further news. God bless!


Anonymous said...

So thankful Kate is in those capable hands of nurses and doctors in Indy. Also, praise the Lord for the support from the two women until Andy arrived yesterday.
Just know you are all in our thoughts and prayers. Thank you, too, for keeping us updated on little Kate.
Bonnie & Jerry

Deanna said...

Okay.... so, I re-read my comment.... no, I can't really send more scotch-a-roos, I think that the postman would eat them first AND they would melt to pieces. BUT.... I REALLY AM sending HUGS over the internet lines! :)

Love you much, friends!

Anonymous said...

Andy and loved ones,
Please keep the updates at school coming..we are all so worried. We can't get through to you because our school internet won't let us ( I e-mailed you from school twice)..we have everything taken care of through Friday and longer if need be..Please stay in Indy as long as needed with your sweet family ...we can get plans around for as long as needed. M.Christie is here for we will be fine. Also know our prayers are with all of you. Give sweet Kate a kiss from all of us!

Anonymous said...

Krista & Andy
I have been out of town with my sister (no computer for a week) and behind on your blog. Art told me Kate was home and we were thrilled. I could hardly believe it just now when I read you were back at PICU. Have faith as God is good with rhythm problems and you have wonderful doctors and nurses there to help Kate. Lots and lots of hugs and thoughts and prayers are with you. Love, Art & Reen

Judy Davis said...

Andy & Krista, I was on vacation so didn't read any E-Mail. But I should have kept up with what was happening with you and your sweet baby. Before I left,
I printed the picture of smiling Kaate and put it on my bulliten board. I thought you would go home and Kate would slowly heal. But what a deal you had! I still can barely believe it! You should not need to go through such trama. But God was with you, I know he was. Prayers continue to be with you.
Love, Judy & Charlie