Thursday, August 23, 2007

Just a quick Hug

Today....I got a short chance to love on Kate in my arms. She still has an arterial line going into her "they" really don't want her being held since it is so fragile and dangerous if it were to come Kate's sheets really needed changing and somebody had to hold Kate...and mommy was the lucky one. It may have only been for a minute or two...but it felt great!

Kate has been doing well off the vent...she had to have one breathing treatment...but that cleared up her lungs. Tonight, she seems a little restless. She may be in pain from the chest compressions and tonight, Dr. Rupple said it takes a couple days for somebody who has arrested to get back to normal. Our goal is that tonight she can get some really good rest.

From what we've heard...the "plan" for tomorrow is to start feeding her again, get her arterial line out (so I can snuggle snuggle) and wean her off a heart medicine and stop the antibiotics provided no yucky cultures grow from her blood test on Tuesday. Sounds like quite the busy day.

Nana headed back to the Fort tonight. We really appreciate her being her with us and Kate. Seth is having a grand time with grandparents. Guess he found Andy's old trucks from his childhood in the attic and washed them in the bathtub. He is lovin' life at Grandma and Pampaw's. Lou and Shirlie stopped by today for a visit and to love on Kate!

Christie and Alicia giving Kate a bath!

Christie has been an awesome nurse for Kate for both of our visits. In fact, Christie was her nurse on Tuesday and was the one who took her off my lap! She just loves and loves on Kate and takes awesome care of her. Alicia (in blue) is "in training" but you would never know it from her expertise....she has also taken great care of Kate. We love Christie and Alicia!


Melissa said...

I'm glad you got to hold Kate if even just long enough to change her sheets. I hope she gets her art line out today so that you can hold her all you want! See you tonight.