Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Just Us Girls

I'm countin' this one has her 1st smile...I'm amazed I actually caught in on camera.

Well...it's official...Andy has left and it's just us girls hanging out in room 8! We miss daddy already, but am so grateful he is such a wonderful provider for our family.

Kate continues to get better and better. They pulled the NJ tube, so all feeding/nasal tubes are gone. She's on her own for getting food and medicine (besides IV antibiotics) in her body. So far, mommy thinks she is doing great. They have slowed her breathing treatments down to every 6 hours as her lungs continue to get better. She is getting just a wiff of oxygen, and is being stubborn about getting rid of the oxygen cannula....maybe tomorrow we can work on getting that gone too! She continues to be in good rhythm, heartwise. Overall...she is doing tons better and making lots of progress! YEAH KATE!

Catching one last cuddle from daddy. We love you and miss you! We'll be home soon!

A change of scenery...Kate is lovin' life in the bouncy seat! So many toys to play with!


Melissa said...

So glad she is doing so well and is just down to the nasal cannula. It always strikes me as funny that kids sometimes need such a little whif of oxygen, but try to take it away and they don't do well without it. Enjoy your mommy and Kate time, you'll be back to full time wife and mom really soon!

Anonymous said...

It's Wonderful to see our little Angel smiling!
Love and Kisses,
Grandma, Pop-pon and your BIG brother Seth.

Deanna said...

What beautiful pictures of a beautiful girl!!! :)

Judy Davis said...

Love the cute pictures of cute Kate! We are going on
vacation in our RV so I
probably won't be sending
little messages for awhile.
But when we get back, you will probably be all home!
Love you, Judy & CHarlie

Anonymous said...

So wonderful to see Kate's darling smile. We are thankful she is doing so well.
Just us girls will be a good time for you to just enjoy Kate as she continues to gain strength.
We are keeping each of you in our prayers.
Bonnie & Jerry