Tuesday, August 21, 2007

All is Calm....

Kate has improved greatly from where she was...but she obviously has a long way to go! She has had a pretty stable evening and all of her "numbers" look good. It appears as all of her levels are getting within the correct range. They say that for as rough of an afternoon as she had, she is doing well. Now...just to figure out what happened.

She is on the vent, but is not on any sort of pain medicine. She has been waking up occasionally and appears responsive. We have had the concern that during her 20 minutes, that oxygen didn't get to her brain...there is always that neurological concern when the heart stops. So far...Kate has shown NO signs! PRAISE GOD! She turns her head to voices, loves sucking on her green Popsicle (a sponge they use to clean out her mouth) and just appears alert!

Kate has made a huge impact on the staff here...today several of the nurses were crying....there's been a lot of crying today...but MORNING BY MORNING NEW MERCIES I SEE! We're hoping to get a good nights sleep..if there is such a thing.

Seth is safely back in Portland, ready to enjoy the Tractor Engine Show. Nana is with us in Indy. Please continue to lift little Kate up in your prayers...Prayers for strength and prayers for wisdom and discernment for the doctors tomorrow as we put together the puzzle.
Love to all....


Anonymous said...

Dear Krista and Andy,
After reading your last night's blog, I had such a strong burden to pray for you all day. I wanted to call but didn't want to maybe interrupt a nap. Finally I did call and leave a message offering to help in some way. Of course, I had no idea what a day you were experiencing. My heart cries for you and cries out to God. I am so sorry that you went through the worst today without family support. God again proved himself faithful and brought you and Kate through the unthinkable. I suppose God proves His love and power most forcefully by putting us in a place where there is nowhere else to go but to Him. God rescued Kate by getting her the help she needed in just the nick of time. We nearly lost Scott at age 6 weeks and know that God intervened to save his life. That experience is still a spiritual benchmark for me, and I know that you are experiencing God through all of this trauma in ways that will change your lives forever.
It is so heartening to know that Kate is stabilized and alert. Praying for good rest for you all and wisdom, strength, and peace as kate continues to heal.
with loving care,
Carol M.

Anonymous said...

Dear Krista, Andy, Kate, and Seth,

Please know that bushels full of love and prayers continually stream your way from this little corner of southeastern Pennsylvania.

"May The Lord Bless You and Keep You,
May The Lord make His Light to Shine upon you and be Gracious unto you,
and May The Lord Look upon you Kindly and Grant you Peace."

Hugs, Susan

Anonymous said...

Hey KK,

Just left a voicemail for you on your cell phone. Thought you could use a Starbucks this morning, but perhaps I'll try again another day. :)

Sorry you're back here in Indy, but happy that I'm now close enough to help out and give you breaks when needed.

Love you,

Deanna said...

So, so grateful to hear that Kate has been responsive and stable. Know that you have people lifting you up in prayer.... your sweet Kate.... WHEW.... she's gonna do BIG things for God with ALL of the prayer covering over her!!!! :)

Sending a hug your way.... wish I were there to give you one in person!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey Krista! We continue to pray for little Kate. She is one many church prayer lists along with our heart to heart group out here in Iowa! She is being prayer for along with you and the rest of the family. Heartfully, Jennifer

Anonymous said...

Krista & Andy,

I was so shocked when I got online this morning and saw what happened yesterday. What a nightmare! I can't begin to imagine all that you've been enduring these past few weeks. We continue to pray for Kate's recovery, and for strength for you and Andy. If there is anything we can do, please let us know. Though we haven't been able to visit or talk, know that you are constantly in our thoughts and prayers and we are with you in spirit. Keep the faith - God will continue to carry you through this.

Love - Gina & Ken