Monday, August 13, 2007

Kate....Enough Already

After a few days of smooth sailing....we hit another small road bump today! The cardiologist came in today and told us that they have figured out that she is in "atrial flutter." Basically, the top half of her heart is beating twice as fast as the bottom. This probably all started on Saturday morning during her "episode". They started her on medicine last Saturday which keeps her heart rate in the 130's instead of 250-300's. But...they do need to get it back into a regular rhythm....and they do that through a "cardiac conversion."

So, tomorrow, at 9am, Kate will be sedated and they will put stickers on her chest and back and "shock" her back into normal rhythm. YUCK! It is a pretty safe procedure and will be done in her room. She will be sedated and won't feel anything....I hope! Within, an hour the medicine will be worn off and Kate should be okay to eat and resume normal activity. It just really really stinks that we have to put her through another procedure. There is a small chance she may get out of it before the am, so they will do an EKG to confirm she is still in it.

The cardiologist explained as Kate's heart is just sick and has been through a lot of trauma the past few weeks. With all the cutting into her heart, it just takes awhile for all those "electrical connections" to heal and get working properly.

So...prayin' for a safe and easy procedure tomorrow...and that she doesn't get too hungry from 2 am till 9 while they stop her feedings. As seen below...Kate is still doing well eating and has enjoyed yogurt several times today. She has been running a very low grade fever off and on today...but they don't seem concerned. Kate still needs our prayers...she isn't out of the woods yet.

Our trusty nurse Jessica feeding Kate some yogurt! Yum Yum!


Melissa said...

You guys can't catch a break, I'm sorry. Will be sending up big prayers for her in the morning! You're all in my prayers!

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear about the latest snag. If it is any comfort to you, Jim and I both have had atrial fibrillation, and Jim had to have a cardioversion. I watched, and it took only a few seconds until he was back in rhythm. I know it is a different story with such a little one, but we pray she will respond well, with the only problem an empty tummy! Love and prayers, Linda Dupont

Anonymous said...

I have been so delighted by the great reports and darling pictures from the past few days. I'm so sorry that this heart rhythm glitch has appeared. Praying that God's strength will continue to carry you through these difficult days. I envision God actually carrying you in his arms as in the Footprints verse. His grace IS and WILL BE sufficient. Praying for God's healing touch on Kate tonight and, if necessary, an easy and successful procedure tomorrow.
With loving care,
Carol M.

Anonymous said...

Good Morning, Krista.

Sometimes when the Journey is hard, remembering this quote helps me:

“Healing hurts. But hurting heals.”
(Author Unknown)

Know that there are many positive thoughts and healing prayers directed right at'cha.

Love and Hugs, Susan

Samantha said...

Hi Krista,

I have been reading your blog for a little while now, I am not really sure how I found it, but anyway, I am here. I am a heart mom too. I just wanted to let you know that I am praying for you guys. We understand what it is like to hit every bump along the way, Micah likes to do that to us too. You have a beautiful family, and I hope that you get to get home really, really soon.

Heart Hugs,

Deanna said...

It's 8:55 AM, and I'm sending up prayers for this next procedure!!!

God, please hold baby Kate close.... keep her safe and give the doctors and nurses perfect wisdom regarding her care. I pray that this is the last big hurdle for Kate to jump over during this hospital stay and that she will be headed home soon. Strengthen her sweet heart.... may it work properly so that she may enjoy long, long life!!! I pray that lots of people will know about you because of Kate. I love you. Love all over this family this morning. Amen

Hugs to you, friends!!!