Saturday, August 11, 2007

The Long Road Home

Our little Miss Drama Queen decided to have a little "episode" this morning around 5 a.m. We got the dreaded phone call in the sleep room: "Kate's okay...but there is some stuff going on you need to know about."

Evidently...Kate's heart rate jumped into the 300's 3x for less than a minute each. She spiked a fever around 101 and was breathing really heavily and rapidly! They suspect an infection somewhere and have sent away cultures from her IV lines and urine. We won't know anything for sure from the cultures for 48-72 hours! They have restarted her on some heart medicine to control her heart rate (in hopes of weaning that off again today), gave her 80 cc of blood and are keeping a real close eye on her electrolytes (calcium, sodium, potassium)...they all seem to be low. They did an echocardiogram, and nothing major from that. No fluid in her heart...but the pressure in her right ventricle is a little high, most likely due to the gunk in her lungs. They are bringing in the infectious disease doctor just to make sure she is on the right antibiotics

The good news is that she has quickly recovered from everything this morning and is pretty stable right now. Her breathing is easy and she is resting nicely. As far as the rest of us, not so much....the anxiety and worry is overwhelming at times like these. The whole gang is headed back to Indy....Oompa, Daddy & Seth as well as grandma and grandpa! We all need to have a little "chat" with our princess and tell her to stay in a 1 year old thinks she can "rule the roost" is beyond me.

But...for all you prayer warriors out there:
1. Pray for no major infection: specifically pneumonia....that we caught it in time and it doesn't spread.
2. Pray that she can stay off the vent again (they have mentioned that a possibility if she can't keep her gasses at the right level
3. Pray for all her electrolytes and blood levels to stabilize
4. Pray for peace and patience....for all of us!

We don't know much...just wait and see...wait and see. The doctor this morning said: "It is not a major detour...but it is troublesome" God...give us grace and patience!


Melissa said...

I'm sorry to have called you yet again. Kate really wanted to be the center of attention and boy did she get her wish! I'm glad to hear she is looking better as I was quite worried about her and you when I left. Take care and I'll keep checking in so keep posting!

Deanna said...

Know that many people are lifting Kate up.... and YOU as you attempt to manage the anxiety and the unknown. She is in great hands.... in the hands of those wonderful doctors and nurses, but more importantly, in the hands of our loving God, the PERFECT healer and physician. Good days.... correction.... GREAT DAYS are comin'!!! I can't tell you how much we've loved seeing the precious pictures! Love to all!

Anonymous said...

Dear Ones, our family is praying for you all as you have such highs and lows. We pray that all will settle down and the Little Princess will be good and behave herself. God is looking over you all. Blessings from above,
Lots of love your way.

Anonymous said...

We read each posting with great anticipation; we can't imagine how anxious you must be as you answer a phone and face another "bump" in the journey. May God continue to support you with His inexhaustible mercy and grace. We will pray for your list and hope tomorrow when we "check in" things will have improved. God give your family peace and comfort as you so faithfully lean on Him.
Ron and Sherry

Anonymous said...

I will keep you and your family in my daily thoughts and prayers. Just remember God is in control, there's no job to Big that he Can't handle. Continue to keep the faith as we abroad do the same.
God Bless