Monday, August 27, 2007

Nannies to the Rescue

Kate continues to show small signs of improvement. She was a little (okay, more than little) grumpy this afternoon...but after a good poop and burp...she was much better (aren't we all?) When Andy and I returned from dinner, she was enjoying some graham crackers and sherbet with her nurse! I tell you...she gets spoiled.

Andy and I had a long talk with the doctor on this evening. He answered a lot of questions we had about the medication she is on. It just freaks me out that she is on so many...but he assures me there are other kids out running around on these medications. The goal..obviously, that after her heart heals that she would get weaned of several of them. He was the 1st person to use the word "dead" in reference to her condition on Tuesday...that put a lot of things in perspective as far as how well she is doing now. Her little heart (after two surgeries and an arrest) has a LOT of healing to well as her other organs...and the goal is to get her off the drip (IV) medication and managed by oral medication...and that is going to take awhile. Her heart is really traumatized right now.

We asked how long was "a while"...and the answer: probably a month! GULP! I really appreciate their caution and wanting to make sure that she is tolerating the medicines and they are doing what they are supposed to and that all her electrolyte levels are staying in safe ranges....but a month! YUCK.

So...we've been working on "plans" on how we are going to manage through another month of this. Andy really needs to get back to work and will plan on starting back the Tuesday after Labor Day. I am most needed here in Indy with Kate..especially since they want her on a "home schedule" to see how she does. What about Seth?...poor Seth....But, no worries...we have a HUGE blessing in that our North Carolina nannies are coming back. Yep, Art and "Reen" are coming to the rescue (again) to stay with Seth at our house for 2 weeks while Andy is at work and I'm here. That gives Seth lots of consistency and somebody to get him to preschool (he starts 2 days a week on the 4th). WOW...WHAT A BLESSING.

The grandparents will be staying with Kate and Seth at it looks like it might work! stinks BIG TIME....knowing it will be a while before we are all together again. But...we keep thinking in a will all be a moot point. So, lots of phone calls and plan making. I'm up for visitors the week after Labor Day...let me know if you have a free day and want to experience "LIFE IN THE PICU!"

Thanks again for all your prayers and concerns...we just keep plugging along! And..thanks in advance to everyone who is going to help us get through the next month! We really appreciate everything....even before it's done....that's how we know we are going to get through it..because we have all of you on our team! GOD BLESS!


Melissa said...

A month huh? While we love having Kate in our unit and I love the opportunity to hold and feed her at night, I wish for your sake you would be home sooner. Though, I can understand the doctors using caution as Kate's little body could probably not handle another "episode of being dead" as she did on Tuesday. Luckily for us, kids are very resilent, but they can only take so much. I'm glad you have so many family and friends to help with Seth and maintaining his routine. If you're there for another month, maybe you'll still be there for our girls night out at Melting Pot! If so, I'm buying and you're coming! ;o)

Judy Davis said...

Krista, Not another month!
But this way you will be a lot more certain when you bring Kate home. Won't that be a great day? Today
I go to the Huntertown Lutheran School to set up for the 3 year old class.
Now if only the children were all as good as Seth!
Prayers, prayers, prayers - we know they help so much.
Love, Judy Davis

Anonymous said...

Hey KK!

I see some Cold Stone Creamery in your very near future, especially if you're going to be in town for a month!

Just remember, you're always welcome to stay with me at the townhouse, do laundry, etc. We could "relive" our college roommate days (although I can put on my own pajamas now -- HA!)!

See you in a few days,

Anonymous said...

Such precious ones, we pray for you continually throughout the day. May you have moments of awe of our "Awesome God". He truly is in charge. Take each moment as God hands them to you, love your little ones and may you have many wonderful moments with Seth and Kate. Our blessings, Fran and Ed Foskey