Tuesday, August 7, 2007

A New Doctor in the House

Nana takin' a quick listen: Are they junky, course, crankily, wheezy or wet?

It's been almost 6 hours...Kate is still doing well...lovin' that paci! She has to be suctioned (through her nose) every couple hours. We're guessin' her throat is just really sore and she doesn't want to cough...but they are optimistic. She has been awake all afternoon...watching her mobile and she even watched a couple Baby Einstein movies this afternoon.

We have been blessed with a bunch of visitors the past 24 hours. My life-long friend, Jack, stopped by last night for an hour or so. He lives here in Indy...It's been awhile since I've seen him, so that was nice. This afternoon, 2 families--the Millingtons & Hamiltons-- from church came by to see Baby Kate. It was nice to see some familiar faces, get in a word of prayer and some homemade goodies. Also, our friend, Cheryl Summers stopped by too, after an appointment here in Indy with her son. We really appreciate everyone who takes the time to find us and stop in....a little reminder of home.


Anonymous said...

Well, Grandma Judy looks great with her stethoscope. Glad to hear that it is "so far so good." Great to have some positive news.

Dave & Nancy

Melissa said...

Glad she's doing so well. I have a good feeling about this time! ;o) I'm so glad you have such great family and friends who come to keep you company during these long days and weeks in Indy. I can't imagine being down here and going through all of that without having a support system to hold you up! Take care and get some rest!