Wednesday, August 29, 2007

No News is Good News

Kate enjoying a new vantage point from the couch!

I'm hoping that you are all thinking the above is it has been a busy, but good day. I am back in Indy since about 6:30 and Andy is back in the Fort as of about 9:30. Gayle is back here with me for the next few days as Andy is staying home with Seth through the weekend.

Kate has been having a good day. She had to have her central lines from her leg and sub/clavian (her chest) removed as they weren't working. They started a new one in her left wrist, as it is required in ICU to have access. As far as I know, she is not getting any IV medicine right now.

According to the cardiologist, her right side of her heart is still moderately diminished. The pulmonary arteries are of decent now it is just the task of getting her right side to work really effectively. We continue to hope that with her 3 medicines and time to recover, it will do it's job. The biggest mystery right now seems to be why she needs so much magnesium. I am in the boat that she is still just a week out of major trauma and just needs some time...she'll get there.

She has been grumpy...mostly from her teeth. As long as she is chewing on a biter biscuit or popsicle she is happy. She has been eating extremely well. She just had a bath and is in new clean footed jammies...she looks so comfortable...and so cute.
Assuming normal "feet up" position

Jessica told me tonight that daddy did a real good job with Kate...I knew he would. She had to give him Props! Thanks also to Grandma and Pampa for their time spent with Kate. And thanks to Nana and Oompa for watching Seth during Andy's and my tag team drive! We are blessed to have so many on our team.



Mel said...

Kate looks so great in these pictures. Thanks for sharing!

Melissa said...

She looks great and do I see no nasal cannula? Is she off oxygen? that's great if she is. I'm glad she's still eating well and maybe she just likes the magnesium! If it's not one electrolyte or mineral it's another! ;o)