Thursday, August 16, 2007

No strings attached!

Kate was officially not hooked up to anything today for about an hour. We got the okay to go "out of room 8" and take a wagon ride. She seemed to enjoy the ride...we took a "walk around the block...inside the hospital" We went down to the main hospital and watched the fountains.

We also got the okay for give her any food she I picked up some of her favorite food, snacks and a sippy cup. We also have a high chair for her next feeding...things are looking good.

Gayle's daughter-in-law, Amy (Jack's wife) spent a few hours with us. We all got lunch and were able to sit outside and enjoy some fresh air. Thanks for the nice visit!

Amy lovin' on Kate....shake shake shake your rattle Kate!


Mel said...

How great is that! Seth had fun playing play dough with us today. Hope to see you in Fort Wayne, soon!

Melissa said...

Yeah! Glad she was able to see the sights and get out of that old room!! She looks great.

Anonymous said...

So Good to see So Much Improvement!

Carry On!!!

Love, Susan

Deanna said...

Wow! She looks so good! Wonderful!!!!