Friday, August 10, 2007


Well...we continue to head in the right direction. Not quite fast enough for mommy and Nana....but we cling to the fact that we are moving forward. We have to remember, it's only been a little over a week since her 2nd surgery....we gotta give the little girl some time!

They continue to tweak her medicine...slowing down and moving it to less times a day. She is currently off any supplemental oxygen and so far is keeping her stats up. They said we should be able to start bottle feeding tomorrow and will probably be out of ICU this weekend. I did ask and the doctor in charge today and he guesses at least another week in the hospital.
Right now she just has two nose tubes: one for feeding that goes into her intestines (a NJ) and one that just goes into her tummy (NG) for medicine and suctioning in case she doesn't handle the feedings well. She still has two venous IV lines (one in each leg) and they plan on pulling those once she is done with antibiotic in 2 days. Won't it be so good to have all those iv lines out!!

We've been getting her out of bed a bunch...she is playing with some toys for a little bit. I've gotten her up and on my shoulder and she just nestles down and goes to sleep.

Grabbin' a quick glance at the tv....Kate loves her cartoons!


Anonymous said...

Love seeing Kate up and dressed and seeing her eyes look at Seth and cartoons. Every day is one closer to going home. Glad Nana is there with you this week while Andy is home with Seth. I liked the photo of Nana with the stethoscope and her big smile. It is great that you can add these photos and share all the info with us. We love your blog.
Love and hugs,
Art & Reen

Melissa said...

She looks great, and you look so happy Krista! Glad she is doing so well. See you all tonight!

Deanna said...

Adorable!!! So thankful for you guys.... and always so thrilled to hear about Kate's improvement!!!

Have a great day!

carrie said...

Love seeing all of the smiling faces and seeing Kate up and around more. You remain in our thoughts and prayers. Carrie & Kurt

Anonymous said...

Kate is looking good...she seems to be alert and content. I bet she's feeling much more comfortable with most of the tubes and wires out, and in her own clothes. We're thinking about her all the time!