Saturday, August 18, 2007

Praise God From Whom All Blessings Flow

25 Blessings for 25 Days in the PICU
in no particular order
1. Kate is coming home with a fixed heart!

2. We have had sleeping arrangements every night we've been here...and have only paid once...thanks to Nana and Oompa's Camper and the Sleep Rooms.

3. We have been covered in prayer and support from family and friends everyday! With over 4,000 hits on our blogsite: Kate is SO loved!

4. The laptop computer from Canterbury....not only for being able to update the BLOG, but for distraction and entertainment also....let me add highspeed, we've got to get this when we get home!

5. Meal Cards...the cafeteria may not be the best food...but when it's free, you can't complain.

6. The camper: it's been a wonderful place to eat, keep our clothes, sleep and catch an afternoon nap! Thanks so much!

7. Our parents and my brother and family: they have been incredible being with us at the hospital and keeping Seth. We KNOW without a doubt Seth has been loved on while we have had to give our time to Kate.

8. Supplemental Insurance....thank you Indiana Dept. of Health & AFLAC!

9. We were covered in prayer by our church family and had pastoral care and company during Kate's surgeries.

10. Todd and Melanee Findley: they so graciously covered the pool duties for us.

11. Visitors: so many of you made special trips to see us, chat with us, pray with us and bring us goodies. Thank you for taking your time to spend time with us!

12. All of Kate's issues after surgery were typical...a few setbacks...but NO SUPRISES!
13. Gayle Givens: she came to stay with me for 3 days when Andy went back to work.

14. Andy's work: they are so supportive, and we didn't have to lose any income while spending our time with Kate.

15. The nurses and doctors: they have been so kind to us and to great to Kate. We have received awesome care at St. Vincent.

16. They found Kate's residual VSD while we were here...NOT after we have been home and totally recovered.
17. The Gunckels, our neighbors: they have taken such great care of our kitty and gotten our mail every day.

18. Seth has been able to visit and we've had some quality time with him while here in Indy: at the park, the museum, swimming and in the camper!

19. The washing machine on the 3rd floor! Kate has had too many "Code Browns" glad we haven't had to find a laundromat.

20. Dr. Abraham: so thankful that he has dedicated his life to saving little hearts...and has the skill to operate on them.

21. That we have only had to go to Indy for the surgery...a few years back, we may have had to go to California for her surgery. Two hours isn't so bad, when you think of the alternatives.
22. The right specialists have been "on call" at the right times: the rhythm expert when she was having rhythm problems... the catherization expert when she needed an "emergency" cath...all her doctors when she had to get re-intubated.

23. We were able to stay in the PICU until dismissed...we know the staff and they know we got really good care right until the end.

24. No nasty infection grew from her cultures!

25. The gifts, $$, meals, acts of service and gift cards we have received which have helped us in SO many many of you are too generous!


Melissa said...

So glad you can find good things in your weeks of stay with us! God bless you for being you!