Saturday, August 11, 2007

The Prayer of Jabez/Kate

Today has gotten better. We are still in a holding pattern as we await any mysterious cultures growing down in some lab in the basement of this hospital. She has improved through the day..much better than 5 this morning.

  1. No reoccurring fever.
  2. Her CO2 levels have stayed at a safe level---no vent relapse
  3. She is still junky in the lungs, but is coughing more.
  4. A kidney test showed her kidneys were functioning and ridding her body of the right toxins.
  5. Her urinalysis came back clean.
  6. They were able to stop the heart medicine she was put on this morning and she is keeping her blood pressure at the right level without it.
  7. Her echocardiogram showed that her heart function is improving.
  8. She has been quite awake today listening to stories, playing with a rattle, watching Seth and giving the nurses and Respiratory Staff dirty dirty looks...I tell you if looks could kill...she's got one deadly glare. The nurses just feel so bad.
  9. Her coloring and breathing have improved.

It appears that Kate has won the hearts of the staff around here. All 3 doctors who have seen her in the past 24 hours have made a comment on "how they wish they could just want her better" and "she just doesn't seem to catch a break" and "how's our little princess". We have by no means made the record for longest stay (we haven't even come close)...but Kate's persistence and calmness through all of this have impacted the staff: Past nurses come in to say hello and just check on her....Her previous shift nurses call during the day to see how she is nurses check out our site (Hi Melissa!)

The whole gang has been here this afternoon/evening. Seth has been exploring the halls of the hospital and found a window overlooking a rock covered roof...he was quite fascinated on why there were so many rocks on the roof and proceeded to show all of us (including nurse Debbie) one at a time the rocks! He thought it would be so much fun to throw all those rocks in Oompa's Stream! (Anyone out there know why they put rocks on roofs?) We had dinner at Ruby Tuesday and then just Seth, Andy and myself went swimming. Andy and I put Seth down in the camper...but Nana and Oompa are sleeping there with him so that we can be in the hospital...just in case!!! Grandma and Grandpa are at the hotel (please keep praying for Larry's back and cancer...he has been in some pain...they have more testing this Friday!)

Tonight I was reading a book that Gayle (thank you!) sent back with Andy today...The Prayer of Jabez for Little Ones...I couldn't help but think of Kate's version:

The Prayer of Jabez
"Oh, that You would bless me indeed, and enlarge my territory, that Your hand would be with me, and that You would keep me from evil....So God granted him what he requested" I Chronicles 4:10

The Prayer of Kate
"Oh that You would heel me indeed, and get me out of PICU Room 2008, that Your hand would comfort me in my pain and withdrawal and that You would keep me from all nasty infections....So God Granted her what her mommy requested on her behalf." a loving mommy

Our biggest frustration right now: we want our family back together...leaving one child in a camper to go sit with another one in a hospital room....all in a foreign city is for the birds....Plus, we know with Andy going back to school on Tuesday, more separation is inevitable....but we will be together again....all in God's (and Kate's) perfect timing.


Melissa said...

Just got home from the wedding and was going through Kate withdrawl. Had to check in. Glad to see she's doing better and that you guys had some nice time with your family. Your entire family has touched the lives of the PICU staff as we hate seeing you all endure what you do everyday. You're so wonderful to us and there is so much love on that unit for Kate in 8! Take care and I'll see you soon!

Deanna said...

Glad to hear that the day got better as it progressed. You remain in our thoughts continually.... yep, little Kate certainly has captured our hearts, too (of course the nurses and doctors are smitten with her as well! She's a gem!) God is already using her precious life in BIG ways!!!

I just thought of the song.... "Let my life song sing to YOU!" Your lives are singing.... your testimony is evidence to ALL of His presence in your lives!

We love you!

Anonymous said...

The later news yesterday was so much better. We thank God that things improved for Kate as the day went on. I am going to Aldersgate this morning to hear Derek. I'll try to fill him in on Kate. Prayers, as always, are coming your way.

Dave & Nancy