Thursday, August 23, 2007

Prayers for Pampaw

Can't you see how Seth just adores him?

Just a quick request for our beloved Pampaw! Andy's dad, Larry is battling cancer and today began radiation treatment on his back. He has a lot of damage to his bones and is in pain...but he is quite the trooper and you would never know it! We would really appreciate some extra prayers sent up on his behalf....We love you Pampaw!


Melissa said...

Big time prayers for Pampaw! I'm sorry he's going through that and is in pain. The all great Healer holds him in his hands.

Anonymous said...

We will include Pampaw in our prayers.

As far as the control issue, I can't imagine your fear for Kate. It is totally human to want to control our children's destiny. You and Andy have been so strong. What you are feeling is very human. I don't really have any practical advice except to pray to the Holy Spirit for His leading and grace. God bless!!

Dave & Nanc7