Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Pretty little Face

It's been a great morning here in the PICU....getting tired of my up and down posts....just helping you feel what it is like here in ICU. They did rounds this morning and at first they wanted to wait another day to extubate her. The original plan was to just put her on CPAP (continuous positive airway pressure). Basically, she would still be on the vent, but she would be doing all the work. Well...after an hour...the doctor came in to check on her and thought she looked great! And he gave the green light. With only 2-3 minutes notice, we were kicked out of the room and they began the process of extubation.

and the result:

So...again we are in the wait and see time period....it's been about an hour...so far so good! She is going to get Vapo-therm...basically a higher flow of oxygen. It will go through the O2 cannula in her nose. She will also get breathing treatments and chest percussion, all in attempt to keep the gunk in her lungs loose. Now..if anyone knows any tricks to getting a one year old to cough...pass those along! Let's all pray for a good day...with lots of coughing!


Melissa said...

She looks great!! Praying for lots of coughing and clear lungs!

Anonymous said...

God love that little precious darling.....She looks so good but so tired....will pray for coughing right now....hang in there little one....John and Linda S

Deanna said...

LOOK AT HER!!!! YEA!!!! She looks great.... her color looks fabulous, too!!!! Praying for an AMAZING DAY today.... AND HOME THIS WEEKEND, RIGHT?!!! Love you!