Sunday, August 12, 2007

The REAL Thing finally happened this morning... Kate got real food (formula in a bottle) for the 1st time. Andy, Seth and I were at the park when Nana called to say she was getting fed! YEAH! She was in great hands as Grandma and Nana were in control...with Oompa and Pampaw here to help. Evidently she loved every tiny bit of it....and gave nurse Donna the EVIL eye when she took it away to see how much she had taken. It's been over 45 minutes and she has kept it down...YEAH! A great sign that we are on are way home. All other "stats" seem to be good...still no signs of fever...we'll keep hopin'. What a blessing to not get a phone call in the night.

It's been awesome to spend some time with family. Seth, Grandma and Pampaw will head back after lunch. Nana and Oompa just took off. Thanks so much to Nana for staying the whole were a huge help, in so many fact, all of our parents have been a huge help and blessing to us during this so many ways.

So...for now...all is well. Thank you all for your continued prayers and support! Love to all


Rachel said...

yaaay!!! so good to hear the good news. "baby kate layman" got good n' prayed for today at covenant. everybody's been asking how she is too. i'm glad to hear all the prayers are getting heard!! praise the LORD :D

rachel b.

Anonymous said...

"YAY, Kate!"
Way to go, Sweetheart.
"Chow Down" and Enjoy!!

Love and Hugs, Susan

Judy Davis said...

Dear Krista & Andy, So nice to see Grandma giving Kate an actual bottle! Glad to know that Kate is doing better. We said special prayers for her this morning at Covenant. It will be fun to see Kate in person when she is in Fort Wayne. I will not be coming right away though.
Love, Judy & Charlie

lizzie said...

Cathy, it's great to see you with your sweet grandbaby! I'm so thankful Kate is improving. I know it's been a L-O-N-G journey. Still praying...Linda Sipe