Friday, August 31, 2007

So Done

Kate has had another pretty good day...except for the fact that she is getting so spoiled and wants only mommy holding her. She isn't much into being alone in her bed. She has been eating well and we have ordered off the room service menu for both lunch and dinner. She is able to sit up in the highchair and feed herself. I feel like she has really turned a corner today in the fact that she is so much more social and fun. But as you can see...when she is done...she is done!

We were able to get out and take a wagon ride...she really enjoyed that. Not too much too look at as we could only go on the 2nd floor...but it was fun to get her out of the room.


Anonymous said...

It has been fun seeing Kate smiling and happy the last two days. Turning a corner is certainly a good thing. We were discussing last night with your Mom how "the incident" was definitely controlled by God. Just the way everything fell into place at just the right time was divine intervention. God bless!