Tuesday, August 21, 2007

So We've Had a Bad Day

Most importantly, Kate is stable right now...but she has had quite the day. We are back in Indy in the PICU. She is back on the vent and back on lots of medicine.

Last night and through this morning, Kate has been slowly eating less and throwing up/gagging more and more often. Thank God Andy was home and we both just knew things weren't good and decided to fore go the noon appointment at our local pediatrician and head to Lutheran ER to get her transported by ambulance to Indy. This was after a conversation with the heart center in Indy.

We arrived at the ER around 11:30 and they tried with all their might to get some lines in to get some fluid to her. She was dehydrated, which is what I thought was her issue. I think Lutheran was a little overwhelmed as there were 7-8 nurses/doctors/EMT working on her. Her blood tests showed dehydration, but her heart rhythms seemed okay.

At some point during the chaos, the decision was made to go ahead and fly her to Indy....thanks to Andy and a nurse's persistence. I felt okay when we left because all tests looked as if she was just dehydrated..but a trip to Indy just to make sure with the doctors who knew her seemed wise. Her color was poor and her breathing was labored.

So...Kate and I were off by ambulance to the FW airport to catch the Samaritan to fly to Indy. That was another mess because the Lutheran helicopter was grounded due to the weather..but Parkview's had the instrumentation to fly in bad weather. Thankfully, they went ahead and let me fly with her, as she was resting peacefully on my lap. After a 35 minute ride, we arrived at St. Vincent...luckily the weather was good here and we could land on their helicopter pad. After a 2 minute ride in an ambulance...we arrived in the PICU and they took her off my lap and sent me away.

That's when....Kate's heart stopped for about 20 minutes. She received CPR while they tried to get a central line in her. Evidently, the two lines they put in at Lutheran were not working. But they did get her heart started again, she is intubated, on several heart medications and right now seems to be resting.

As far as what happened...we are still not sure. It may be a rhythm problem...could be electrolytes...could be a combination of things. Right now, the plan is to let her rest and reevaluate her tomorrow and hopefully make some conclusions. All the best doctors and nurses are taking care of her. We just keep telling ourselves: " We got her here...now let them do their job."

It has been a chaotic afternoon....getting Seth situated (Thank You Grandma and Pampaw)...getting all the other responsibilities covered...trying to pack in a moment's notice...THIS STINKS. Thanks to everyone...Nana, Oompa, Gayle, Grandma, Pampa....who stepped up to the plate today.

My life has been forever changed since the nurse came and told me Kate's heart was not beating...I wish NO MOM would ever have to hear those words....it was an eternity before she came back to tell me Dr. Chatan got a line in and her pressures were good! THANK YOU JESUS! No family was here with me at the time....a feeling of void that could not be filled...but at the same time the social worker, Jennifer and Chaplain, Julie, stayed with me until Andy arrived a few hours later.

So....only God knows where we are going from here....but I'm guessing at least another couple weeks here...especially since I won't be in any hurry to get her home again. Poor little girl....just needs a break in life....your prayers are desperately needed....for us all!


Deanna said...

Oh sweet ones.... there are tears in my eyes.... I am so, so, so, so, so sorry about the day that you have all had. I cannot begin to express my sadness about all that you have had to endure.... but also my thankfulness that Kate is, again, under the care of such wonderful doctors and nurses. Praying that God's strong AND tender hand would be all over your lives tonight.... that His perfect, healing hand would shelter Kate under His wing. I love you!

Anonymous said...

Ever since Gayle called this afternoon, we have been praying for all of you. That's all we can think about. You know God has you all in His hands. Our love to Kate and all of the family.

Dave & Nancy

Melissa said...

Krista and Andy, I am so sorry. I have tears in my eyes as I've had to tell moms that their baby's heart isn't beating and can not imagine being told that of my own child. Kate is such a sweetie and definately deserves a break, as do you all! I can not wait to give you a hug in person, but until then, know you are in my prayers and I will check in frequently.

Anonymous said...

Wow! I'm in tears. I pray that Kate will get the quietness and rest that she needs over night. Praying. Krista and Andy at the end of this journey the Lord will have an amazing story for you guys to share and he has some AMAZING plans for little Kate that we don't even know about. I'll be praying for you guys. HUGS!!! Heartfully,

Anonymous said...

Krista - I am just a friend of a friend of a friend that has happened upon your story and now am hooked. We also have a child with heart issues (although I will not try to compare to what you have been through). I can only imagine the thoughts running wildly through your mind today. Just remember...God is good and HE alone will bring you all through this with His grace. Praying for Kate and all of you.

A friend :)

Anne said...

I am a friend of Deanna Green's and I've been keeping up on your dear little girl via Deanna's blog! I've wanted to comment before, but never did...now I just want you to know that prayers are being lifted all the way in Texas! I pray much rest for you and your husband and for wisdom for the doctor's and nurses! I pray for a FULL recovery for your dear little Kate!