Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Stuck in Room 8

We were given the go-ahead to move up to the regular pediatric floor today...however, all 40 rooms are full right we are still in ICU. She gets better care: 1:1 vs. 1:4 nurse/patient ratio plus we get the sleep room, so it really is a better arrangement in many ways. I really don't think it will prolong our overall stay. My good friend, Melanee, drove all the way down to spend the afternoon and dinner with me. It was great to have some time to just we don't get much time to do that with work, kids and the real world. Thanks Mel...for the visit and a great dinner! Notice...Kate is clappin' in this pictures....she loved Mel's fact, Melanee even left it here for a toy/distraction. I really appreciate you takin' the afternoon off work to spend with us!

Gayle...another great friend has come to spend a couple days with me while Andy is back at it. What a blessing to have her with me...She is one of my mom's best friends and I have grown up knowing Gayle...I don't remember life without the Givens.

Andy and Seth are safe at home...sleeping in their own beds...Kate and I are jealous! Prayers go out to Andy on his 1st day with students tomorrow (Thursday). Teach your little heart out! Tonight, Andy told Seth not to be scared in the morning when he wasn't there...that Nana would be there to stay with him during the day. Seth's response: I'm not afraid of Nana...I love her! AWWWW! And a big shout out to Andy's parents for watching Seth the past few have been a huge blessing to us.

Kate has had enough of this hospital life....she just closes her eyes and dreams of wagon rides and ice cream...or maybe she is just making sure no one sneaks any tubes on her face during her nap!


Deanna said...

Kate is such a gem!!! I loved the sleeping picture! What a blessing to spend time with Melanee, too!!! Hoping that the next couple of days just FLY BY for you and that you are home in no time!!!

Love ya!

Anonymous said...

Just love the cute pictures of Kate without the tubes and wires. That Gayle - what a great gal!! Sure hope you are home soon.


Melissa said...

I don't blame her for hiding her face from us mean nurses. Glad she is doing so great. PICU doesn't mind keeping the cute babies with us instead of sending them to PEDS!!