Tuesday, August 14, 2007


All is well...due to meetings, doctor reports and other stuff...Kate's cardioversion was not until 10:00. She did great and is now in normal rhythm. She has already woke up and has taken a bottle. She was one hungry girl. Both Kate and daddy are down now for their afternoon nap!

The cutest thing: We have been telling Kate "good job" every time she coughs. Well...I guess babies just need a little repetition...because now whenever she coughs...she claps her hands.

Andy is getting ready to head back to the Fort to get ready to go back to school tomorrow. Is it really that time already?

Her echocardiogram looked good...maybe today we can get that last nasal tube out! Go girl go!

It reminds me: Morning by morning, new mercies I see...God is Good!


Anonymous said...

That's my girl!!!!! Nana

Anonymous said...


Love, Susan

Anonymous said...

Praise God - all is well!!


Melissa said...

So glad her heart cooperated! She is a good girl!

Anonymous said...


Wanted to let you know that I've been thinking about Kate and everyone else in the family. We continue with prayers at church on Sunday mornings, at our staff meetings and by email too.

How hard it will be for Andy to leave both of you to go back to school. I'm glad that she is doing better, it will help Andy do what he has to do.

Praying that you will all be home soon.

Pat F.

Deanna said...

Hoorah!!! Thank you, Jesus!!!

Anonymous said...

Hooray for Kate! What a trooper! So happy to read that all is well. You are getting closer to coming home soon!



Anonymous said...

Wonderful news! We pray God's healing grace will continue to surround Kate and the entire family. Linda D