Tuesday, August 28, 2007


Well we made it. I think I managed ok with the help of my parents, and a medical staff of about 50, to make it through today. Krista was gone today and got to enjoy some much needed and deserved time at home with Seth doing preschool events, so I was in charge of Kate's care. Today reasured my beleif and faith in Krista's ability to take on the huge job of managing Kate and that she has much more of that ability than I do. I do thank my parents for coming and helping. I know it is not easy for them with Dad's health but they love Kate and no cancer can stop them.
Kate's liver showed even greater improvement today which is a sign that the heart is working better. She is now off of the Milrinone and in the next few days we will see if she can continue to be off of it. She ate pretty well today with the biggest problem being that she has four new teeth coming in all at the same time. Poor kid! I really think that Kate will be the kid who breaks her arm at summer camp and will need to have braces on her teeth more than once. She really enjoyed her bottles of nice cold milk and her popsicles today. Tommorow we hope to see even better lab numbers and I hope she is much more comfortable with her teeth!

I am constantly struck at how blessed we are here in the PICU. So many people have passed on kind words, deeds, visits, (my parent's new pastor from West Walnut and his family stopped in), prayers, etc... that we are very humbled. We are not real sure how all this will end but we do know that a plan exist because there is a divine planner and we take assurance in that.


Anonymous said...

Dear Andy,
The positive way you and Krista have dealt with every aspect of Kate's St. Vincent's saga is an inspiration to me. The blog shows your human struggles, but always gives testimony to your faith and trust in our God who is able to do exceedingly, abundantly above all we ask. I know that God is smiling on you and saying, "well done."
Praying for continuing smooth recovery for Kate and strength and peace for you and your family. Healing prayers for Grandpa Layman.
Carol M.

Anonymous said...

"Well Done, Dad!"

Positive healing thoughts are heading right on at'cha from this little corner of Southeastern Pennsylvania.

All the Best, --Susan

Melissa said...

Andy, I knew you could do it! I'm sorry that Kate is teething as we are experiencing the same thing. But no child should have to be in the hospital and teething at the same time! Hope Krista had a great time spending quality time with Seth. Bless you all!

Deanna said...

Hi friends!!! Saw this quote today and thought of you:

"And so we press on. . . our hearts buoyed by a God who loves us and wants us to know Him deeply. We press on with our sense that life's not always fair. And we press on with the knowledge--and assurance-- that even though we can't see all of God's plan, He is there, at work and in charge, loving us. . ."
--Tony Dungy

You are loved SO much, by our perfect, BIG God and by a lot of imperfect people who are just seeking to be more like Him! Hugs to all of you!