Thursday, August 2, 2007

Watch the Numbers

Kate had a really good night. All her numbers seem really good right now....that's what we find ourselves doing....just watching the screens. Occasionally, one of her numbers goes out of range...but they are quick to fix it. Usually it is her heart rate because she is waking up and probably feeling a little bit of pain.
Kate's monitor many numbers to watch...not a great photo...but you get the idea. we wait....hopefully she will start some food here in the next couple hours...little girl has got to be starving. We're not expecting an extubation for a couple days...she needs her rest.


Melissa said...

As a nurse, her numbers look great! Try not to watch the numbers too much, that's our job! Hang in there and get some rest!

Deanna said...

So thankful to hear that she had a good night! Hopefully, we'll be able to see you guys tomorrow!!! :) Love ya!

Anonymous said...

Glad to get such good news this morning. Think of you all the time. Those screens do keep your attention. Glad Seth is playing soccer. Cute photos of him and happy he is coming to Indy. Take care and God bless- Art & Reen

Give Seth a big hug from us.

Anonymous said...

Great news about Kate and Seth. I am certainly thankful all is going well. Have fun with Seth today.
Bonnie & Jerry