Friday, August 24, 2007


It's a pretty slow morning here in room 10. Both Kate and Andy are taking naps and I am just messing around on the computer. We are waiting on Dr. Abraham to give the "ok" to take out the arterial line so we can start feedings. Her foley catheter came out and they stopped one antibiotic and she is down to just a 1/4 liter of oxygen (the smallest they can go)....things are progressing. She is resting peacefully this morning...she definitely needs her rest.

So...I've just been "wasting" time on the computer. Because of the "rush" to get here, I'm not quite as prepared as last time and don't have all my projects with me. I just was looking through old posts and looked down and saw we had passed 10,000 hits on the Blog! WOW. I'm pretty sure it was under 2,000 when we left on this journey almost a month ago.

I am in awe of some of the comments I have received...from dear dear friends to complete strangers. I have a couple stranger's websites who are dealing with heart/genetic issues with their children also that I check out...but never imagined that others would have found us. This world wide web is an amazing thing. Friends of friends sharing in our story....some going through health issues also, or some just "hooked" on our little Kate.

What is awesome is that...although we may be strangers here on earth... so many of you are believing Christians...and someday we'll meet in Heaven and rejoice in the complete healing our our little ones.

So...again I say "thanks" for sharing in our journey, praying for all of us and sending us encouraging comments....they really do mean alot! I love to know who is reading our Blog...I appreciate everyone who takes a couple minutes of their day to pray and think about Kate....And some of you....checkin' on us multiple times a day! She is SO loved...and that makes one mommy so happy and blessed! THANKS FOR LOVING OUR KATE!


Anonymous said...

Oh, my, Krista, what challenges you all have been facing these last weeks. I'm so glad I finally found your blog (thanks to a call to Tricia) and read about Kate's struggle. I sure hope you feel the love, support and prayers from all of us back here! I'm so glad you got to hold her and the line is forming for the rest of us!!:) Sending hugs for all of you!

kelly said...

I am one of those stragers who has a son, Jack, with TOF (I posted once before). I wanted you to know that we are still reading and still praying for Kate. Your strength has been inspiring.


Melissa said...

10,000 hits, what a testament to your faith and the people who love you! You know I am addicted and log in all the time to look for updates. If it weren't for this blog, I wouldn't have known Kate was back in the unit. I thank God that you update on here so those of us who love you and especially Kate, do not have to sit home wondering what is going on! Thank you so much!

Anonymous said...

Krista -
This portion of a song helps me to remember that everything will work out as planned (even if it is not my plan).
"God is too wise to be mistaken, God is too good to be unkind, So when you don't understand, When you can't see His plan, When you can't trace His hands, Trust His heart".
Hope this helps put things in perspective for you like it does for me when life gets too rough to handle on our own.

Keeping your family in my prayers,
A friend :)

Deanna said...

Krista.... it is such a privilege that we can call upon Christ during this time.... THANK YOU for keeping us updated so that we know how to pray. Glad to hear that it's been a peaceful day today.

Know that I will continue to lift up Kate's health.... and your emotions.... during this time. I KNOW that our God is big enough to meet you right where you are.... in EACH moment. As you know, during my pregnancy with Isaac, I sometimes found the fear-factor debilitating because of the other miscarriages. However, I found that dealing with my fear was a moment by moment (sometimes, second by second!) journey! Some good days, some not so good days.... but I do know that my faith grew because of that time. Obviously, that situation was far different from the one that you're encountering, but I know that better days DO lie ahead for you!!! Our God IS good.... and our God IS faithful!

I contacted a dear friend of mine who has a little guy (who is 7 now) who has fought and BEAT stage 4 cancer TWICE after first being diagnosed at the age of 3!!! I know that she has truly battled the fear issue in her own life and that God has so faithfully revealed Himself to her through the journey. I believe that she is going to try to connect with you in the weeks ahead, as a mommy who loves God AND also knows what it truly looks like to surrender her child's health continually.

I love you, friend! Sending a hug your way!

Deanna said...

P.S. Welcome to the 10,000 club!!!!!!! :)

Anonymous said...

Krista and Andy-
10,000 hits! So glad you are so good about the blog and sharing your thoughts and love of God and Kate's progress. Our prayers are with you and Kate and Seth and with Larry. Enjoyed the photos of the two as little ones. Take care and God bless-
Love and hugs, Art & Reen

Anonymous said...

Thank you for all your time keeping us close to you and your family even though we are far away in miles. You are a very special and awesome mom. Kate is a very strong little girl. It is easy to see where she gets her strength. We will keep you,Kate and family in our thoughts and prayers. Julie and Scott M.