Saturday, August 4, 2007


What a huge blessing and "pick me up" we experienced this evening. Like I had posted earlier, Kate has been waking up bunches today. Her spirit has been so calm...she just looks around, watches her balloons, mobile and nurses. Tonight...while she was awake for a good 20 minutes, we took her restraints off so she could stretch her arms.

Andy just happened to ask: "How big is Kate?" She tried, her very best, to get her hands up over her head. Then we said, "Yeah Kate," and bless her heart...she tried with all she had, barring being so weak and so sore to clap her little hands like she always does. Then...she also waved "hi" WOW!

First...what a joy to see our little girl back to her ole' "tricks". She was giving it every bit of "umpf" she had. But even more...what wonderful reassurance that everything is "clicking upstairs" and she comprehends. It was a much needed blessing as we sat and waited with her today.

It just amazes me at how calm she is. She "appears" to be handling all of this so well...I'm sure the medicine is helping...but still she is so brave, in her own little 1 year old way. God is good...and faithful...and knows just when we need the reassurance He gives us!

She has gotten rid of a bunch of fluid today and they say she sounds better! I still find it hard to believe that they can remember how she sounds 2-3 hours laterprior...but maybe that's why they have the degree and I don't!

Andy and I had a relaxing day...we both got in our afternoon nap, took a nice walk and enjoyed a lovely dinner in the cafeteria (NOT). We have learned that the cafeteria really shuts down on the weekends..the choices are slim to none...but the hospital has given us several meal cards, so we felt we needed to use them to help with our eating out budget.

Have a wonderful to all!


lizzie said...

It was so good to read your BLOG this morning and hear about little Kate and her progress. I can't imagine going through something like this with my children. My son had her tonsils out and it was a horrible experience for me. Just remember the prayers for strength, healing and comfort that are before our loving Heavenly Father for all of you. Friend of Larry and Cathy, Linda Sipe