Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Can it be?

Can it be that the days of school have begun? Yep...it happened...our little boy had his 1st day of school. All went well and he appeared to love it. He hasn't been too verbal about his experiences...but when I really prompt him...he tells me a few things. I asked him if he wanted to go back or stay home next time. His response: "go back" It went without a hitch as the teachers take the kids out of your car in a carpool line...that way there isn't too much time to get emotional...for kid or mom! I wasn't expecting for me to be emotional...since I have been away from Seth for days on end...but I must admit, I did shed a tear as I was driving away.Seth is so proud of his new school bag....lots and lots of trucks! And, can you guess what kind of trucks are on the back? Yep....it wouldn't be complete without some trash truck and a recycling bin. I was pretty excited about how it turned out...there wasn't much to choose from in the "iron on section" for boys....we just used that paper you print from the computer and then iron-on! Every kid has the same kind of bag...and then you can decorate it. Very cool!

Seth waiting in the carpool line...complete with name badge....pretty exciting day!

This is where the tears started...for mommy at least!
Art, Maureen and I went into the school to pick him up...he was pretty excited to see me...that is the best feeling in the world...when your child's face just lights up and they come running.
I pray that God will put Godly teachers in his life....now and for the next 21 years! May he love learning. May he be strong in his faith...even now and know how much God loves him. May he always know...that even when mommy and daddy aren't at school with him...we love him so so much! And so the journey begins!


LeeAnne said...

Cute pics! What a relief when you find out your kid likes school! Lynzi starts tomorrow. She is in the M, W, F class. She is so excited! Glad things are looking positive with Kate! Our prayers are always with you! Love and Hugs!

Melissa said...

So glad Seth had a great first day and you survived it. Before you know it, he will be reading you bedtime stories! Take care and see you this weekend!