Tuesday, September 4, 2007


Oops...somehow I hit the wrong button and prohibited comments...I think I have fixed it...so comment away! I love to read what you have to say...such an encouragement! Thanks


Anonymous said...

And so it starts... one day Seth's walking to pre-school, holding his teacher's hand, and seemingly the next day, you watch as he DRIVES away to College!

Enjoy every moment, Krista. When he "volunteers you" as a Room Mother because he knows his Mom Can Be Counted On... when he offers your cupcakes as a classroom treat because His Mom Makes The Best... when Seth gets all "A's" or strikes out at bat.

Take lots of photos. Continue the Blog. The days race by so quickly. Most of all, Enjoy the Journey!

--Love and Hugs, Susan

Anonymous said...

I understand how you felt yesterday when dropping Seth off for school. I cried with Lisa, maybe a little with Keith, but by the time I got to Jeff - freedom at home for awhile each day!! However, when Lisa left for college, I cried everyday for 3 weeks when I walked by her room.
So thrilled to know that Kate is making such progress! It seems that she is on the road now. God bless! Nancy

Anonymous said...

Oh, my, how I remember that first day of preschool...the boy who was not THAT attached to his mother held on to my leg and would not let go...and ooohhh the tears from me, of course! These days do go by so quickly and you will blink and he'll be heading off to high school. I'm so tickled Kate is holding her own and showing everyone the good stuff she's made of...:) Thanks for keeping us all updated, Krista. Miss you!

Anonymous said...

Maybe you & Miss Kate will get a special visit from Peyton Manning this afternoon! They are re-naming the children's hospital after him today! :)