Thursday, September 20, 2007


Kate was able to keep her late night feedings and her morning feedings down and we hope and pray that her vomiting has been solved. We are thinking the problem was a plumbing issue. Due to her genetic condition and her medicines, Kate has always had a constipation problem. It is no secret in our house that we all know when Kate receives her call from nature. Noises that should come from a Longshoreman and not a one year old girl fill the air and then Seth usually will announce loudly "Kate's poopin again." She had also been taken off of antacids last week since she had not been vomiting. We think maybe they were working and she was placed back on them last night.

The concern around here is that due to her heart not working properly, Kate may not be receiving enough blood to her intestines for them to do their job. Krista and I think and pray that is not the case but that it is just the medicine changes.

We will be moving up to the pediatrics unit today and maybe even coming home in the next day or two if Kate can keep her feedings under control. She has been in a pretty good mood today and has been playing and watching Sesame Street. She really likes Sesame street and giggles from time to time, as we all do.

We still are waiting on word from Michigan but did speak to the cardiologist from St Vincent's more and received information of what may come if Kate's heart does not improve. We still cling to the hope that the worse will not happen but with that in the back of our mind, we want to get Kate home so she can enjoy life, swing, go for walks, and play with Seth.

We will be posting some photos of Kate (as soon as Krista returns since I do not know how) playing in the yard and swinging as we have enough photos of her in the hospital.

We were watching a game show last night and the question was "what is the ability to stretch under stress and then return to an original shape called?" The answer was elasticity. Please pray for our elasticity and for Kate's. ....Andy


Anonymous said...

"May your happiness increase by sharing the good days,
And sadness decrease by sharing the bad."
~Author Unknown

Laymans -- you have legions of supporters cheering you on every step of the way!

Sending Bunches of Hugs, Susan

Melissa said...

Andy, good to hear from you. I'm so glad to hear things are going well and you will all be home soon! Give my best to Kate and Krista!