Saturday, September 29, 2007

Fall Decor

Yesterday while we were at the apple orchard...Seth and I picked out some fall stuff to decorate our porch! I just love all the gourds, mums and pumpkins this time of year...and since we feel like we missed fall last year with Kate's 1st surgery...I decided to go ahead and make a display! Seth picked out all of the stuff and we put it together yesterday afternoon. I think it looks very nice and I often find myself looking out on the porch to catch a glimpse! is just us girls today! Seth and Andy went to Portland for the day to see Andy's parents and help with some odd jobs around the house! Not quite sure what Kate and I are going to do...maybe WE can take a few naps! Also...I've got to get her closet cleaned out and seasonal stuff moved...I know I will be bummin' when I see all those adorable summer dresses that she has outgrown...or certainly will by next summer! It's sure to be a relaxing day at home for Kate and me!


Anonymous said...

We read your Blog. Morning and evening. The day you had tech. problems we worried about the family.

So happy Kate is home and doing well.

We love the pictures and video. Seth is really growing up.

Enjoy your day with Kate.

Ray and Karen, Portland

Deanna said...

The fall decor looks great! Enjoy your day!

Melissa said...

Enjoy your Kate and Mommy day, hope ou are able to catch a nap! Take care.