Friday, September 14, 2007

Home Sweet Home

I think we officially left Indy around 3:10...just in time to catch the start of Friday night rush's crazy...I don't know how you people in Indy deal with that everyday. We were greeted at home by Seth, Art, "Reen" and was so great to see everyone. Oh yeah...we were also greeted by a giant tank of oxygen...I"ll have to post a picture tomorrow...I have NO IDEA where we are going to keep this thing. We have a portable tank that we can carry over our shoulder that needs filled every 20 hours or so...filled from the "mother tank."

We've had a great night so far...thanks to a ready to eat meal (Thanks Kricks). We played and played, took a "REAL" bath and read stories....all those "mundane" things that just seem so wonderful and new right now...especially with all of us together.

Seth is glad to have us home...and has been great with Kate. She is doing well and responds really well to Seth. They really play well together. She is SO much better than the few days we were home it is great to actually have her playing and reacting to "HER" environment.

We are still on a "funky hospital" schedule...not quite sure when Kate is planning to hit the sack....I'm gonna miss you wonderful night nurses who rocked her to sleep (and did the 4am feeding) to let me sleep!'s great to be home and hopefully for a while! I will post pictures it is late...I have unpacking to do...a toddler who just went down...and a cranky baby.

Again...thanks for all the prayers lifted up on behalf of Kate that has allowed us to get's cliche'...but it is Home Sweet Home.


Anonymous said...

So glad you are all home together.
Love and hugs, Art & Reen

Anonymous said...

So are Nana and Oompa.

Melissa said...

It was great to talk to you tonight. I'm sorry that Kate isn't cooperating for you and sleeping as well as she did for us! Like I said, lights, noise, and a cold environment will make her feel right at 'home.' Take care and we'll keep checking in!!

Anonymous said...

Sweet Dreams,
A kiss goodnight from,
Grandma & Pampa

Deanna said...

Hoorah! Hugs to you today!

Anonymous said...

Home at last! So happy to have you back! Hope we can have a playdate soon! :) Gina