Monday, September 10, 2007

In The Works

That's seems to be the theme of the day...lots of things are "in the works"

1. We are getting our Care Conference set up for Thursday where we hope to get a consensus from all the cardiologists and intensivists. We are hoping for some more answers by then...who knows?

2. We are having the cardiologists send her reports, echos, cath and info to U of M at Ann Arbor. Rumor has it they have a reputable program and we are anxious to get a 2nd opinion. If they think they can do something or have some positive new for us, we will work on getting her transferred up there. That sounds really scary and awful...starting all over again at a new hospital, but at the same time...if they can help little Kate...we are all for it.

3. We are doing an official calorie count and keeping track of all she eats. She is far from getting the minimum she needs, but she gets closer everyday. I guess on Thursday we will take the info we have and make a sound decision if she will need a G-tube to help with the extra calories and food she needs. She did take 5 oz early this morning for the nurse...the most she has had in days.

4. The intensivist is working on getting some info from the cardiologists as far as their plan...if they could somehow come to some sort of consensus. That is frustrating for all of us, as we don't know a 'Plan"

5. She is in ICU because they are having a hard time letting go of her and passing her off to a whole new team of hospitalists upstairs who don't know her case and history. I guess that is good, that they are that genuinely concerned for her care. I guess this is typical for sick kids who have had a difficult case management. She is not in NEED of intensivist care...she is just getting the better care. I think if we lived closer, we might have been out of her earlier, but there is the 2 hour commute that makes the doctors nervous, in case something extreme were to happen....again!

So....we wait and see. Kate is awake and ready to eat...I'll post a couple pictures in a little bit!


Anonymous said...

THE POWER OF PRAYER. I believe that God only gives three answers to prayer:

1. 'Yes!'
2. 'Not yet.'
3. 'I have something better in mind.'

You may be going through a realy tough time right now, but God is getting ready to bless you in a way that you cannot imagine.

Anonymous said...

We are praying and praying and praying for little Kate. Hopefully U of M will be able to give you some good news and have some answers. I know they are much farther away but there is always CHOP or Boston or Dr. Jonas at Children's DC (who is fantastic but of course I am biased since that is where Jack is), but hopefully you will have to go no furter than U of M and we will pray for that. I know we are internet strangers but I wish so desperatly there was something I could do. We think about Kate and your family everyday. We will continue to pray that the doctors come up with some answers and a good plan. We pray that Kate's eating continues to improve, and we pray for the wisdom and skill of her team so that her heart can be healed.

You are an inspiration.


Melissa said...

Glad that we are working on getting you a plan. U of M has a great program and you would be in excellent hands if they think they can help! I would love to be Kate's nurse for the transport up! ;o) I know that all of our docs only want the very best for Kate and they are working hard to figure out what that is and how we can get it for her. If it means sending you some place else, we will do what is best for her! Take care and keep posting. You know I depend on your posts to keep me updated during the week! God bless.

Anonymous said...

Hey KK,

The University of Michigan may be winless in its football games so far this season, but the medical staff is top-notch and Ann Arbor is a wonderful town. I know they'd take excellent care of Miss Kate.

I'll call you soon.