Monday, September 3, 2007

A Day with Nana

Kate playing peek-a-boo with her balloon

Nana and Kate are having a good day here in the PICU. Kate had her IV line, that was not working correctly, taken out today and did not have to have it replaced. She is doing a lot of resting. It is very quiet on the floor today and not many people to come in and bother her.

There is a wonderful family here with a 16 year old son who had a heart attack. The family was to have a Labor Day picnic in the park today so they brought a lot of the family and food to the lounge. I was lucky enough to go get some ice and a drink a while ago and they shared some BBQ ribs that grampa had done on the grill and some fried chicken. Yummy. Please add Landon to your prayer list.

Kate just had a bath and is now busy playing with her balloon and her feet. She is also still working on perfecting her raspberries - I think she had that about mastered. She is on "floor status" which means she is getting the type of care she would get on the regular floor.

Be Right Back - We Are Going For a Wagon Ride!!!!!!!!!!
We took off thinking we would only be going around on the 2nd floor but.............

as you can see Nana, Christie and Kate all made it outside. See Kate's hair blowing in the breeze!!
Kate is taking a nap now and then we will have supper. Although I think the timing for the post is when I started, it is now about 6PM. Took Nana a while to figure all this out, plus we had to have time out for play and walks.


Anonymous said...


What a treat to see Kate outside on a wagon ride instead of just around the 2nd floor.
Little Princess looks mighty cute enjoying the sunshine.
Missed you at supper tonight...lot's of good food.
Saw Krista and Seth today at grocery today loading up on food for the coming week....he had the biggest smile being with his Mommy.
Get a good nights sleep...Hope you can sleep as late as I did there.


Anonymous said...

Hi Judy,
It is great to see Kate and you having a great time riding in the wagon and going outside. I know this is a special time for you with Kate and how wonderful Krista is home to see Seth off to his first day of preschool tomorrow.
Bonnie and Jerry Gunckel

jess said...

Andy and Krista,
I was so happy to catch up on Kate's blog tonight. I have sure missed alot since last week! The pictures are great! I am glad to see/read that she is really doing well! See you in the morning,
Nurse Jessica