Sunday, September 9, 2007


So we think we have made a pretty good discovery/realization. Kate doesn't eat well when there are "people" here in the room distracting her. This morning, it was a speech therapist making a big to-do! This afternoon, she was eating fine until a nurse came in to chat...and she stopped. Everyone has good intentions...we just think it is too distracting. So...we have a new sign for the door and will try to keep people out of the room while she is eating.

She did eat better than she has in days this afternoon for lunch. She took 3 oz of milk plus 6oz of peaches and a little ice cream. YEAH KATE! It's still not enough to make her really grow...but it is better...and that is all we can ask for. We are doing an "official" calorie count in order to see how much she is really getting.

Overall..her spirits seem a little better today...other than the fact that she really needs a good "poop"....she seems to be in some stomach pain. She has gotten more medicine for that and hopefully, it won't be too much longer before we have success. Her puffiness and breathing have not been as bad today.

It's a little bit more of an encouraging day today...but we know the road is still very very long. We are working toward that Care Conference on Thursday when we can figure out how we can get her out of here!

Seth has spent the last 24 hours with Grandma & Pampaw...having fun as usual. Andy is picking him up now and will stay with him in the Fort until Wednesday or Thursday morning. Our wonderful nannies, Art and Maureen will be back this evening from a weekend trip to Michigan for their daughter's wedding shower. Gayle came back to spend the next few days with me and mom will be heading back either tonight or in the morning. Once again...Andy will try to get a few days of work in!

Such a BIG girl...Kate discovered she like Nana's juice in the BIG cup!

Not as good as the real thing...but Kate still enjoys playing in her bath water


Melissa said...

I'm glad to hear she is eating better today. If it takes privacy, privacy it shall be. She was a very good, sleepy girl last night. Woke up when I messed with her, but went right back to sleep. She slept really well. Have a great week.

Anonymous said...

One day at a time...So glad she is eating some now and isn't it just like Kate to eat less when others are around? She enjoys observing others and doesn't want to miss out on a thing! She might miss something if she's all caught up in eating!:) She looks good in the photos! Hang in there!

Anonymous said...

Great observation, Krista!

I always eat more when I eat alone, too... especially popcorn when watching a movie... :)

Hang in there!

--Hugs, Susan

Anonymous said...

It's good to log on and hear a little bit of positive news. We'll be praying for the doctors' wisdom and discernment on Thursday. Maybe when you get 3 of them together something good will come of it.


Anonymous said...

Hi Krista and Nana and Gayle,
We are back in Fort Wayne. Stopped to see Seth and Andy when we arrived. Seth was like a "shiny new penny" after his bath and ready for bed after a snack. Told him we would be there in the morning when he got up. Art and Oompa are in bed and I will be going there soon. Had a fun trip and glad to be back with Seth. Think of Kate and you all the time and lots of prayers and hugs are coming to you. Love, Art and Reen