Saturday, September 22, 2007

Life With Kids

What a day here at the Layman house!

1st of all: it started off pretty late as Kate again was in hospital mode and not too happy about being left alone in her room. She has this uncanny ability to know...even though she WAS fast asleep...that she is now alone in her room....and she DOES NOT LIKE IT! Andy and I were both in a fog and so tired...I don't remember all the details of the evening...Just that Andy was awake and playing with her at 2 am...I found myself asleep on her floor around 3:30 am and she didn't appreciate being awaken at 7 for her meds. I think the best sleep any of us got was from 8-11 in the morning...thank God Seth was still in Portland.

I have a feeling it's starting all over again she WAS fast asleep in her bed and I was happily dozing off into lala land by 10:30...when we heard the illustrious cries from Kate's room. As long as I stand there...she's fine...but the minute I leave the'd think the world was ending. So...the girls are both downstairs, in the hopes that maybe I can get something done until the 12:30-1 am feeding!

Now...on to Seth. We were thrilled to have him home again around 1:30. HOWEVER...I am guessing that he had a fire drill at school on Thursday because he is terrified that there is going to be a fire. At one point this afternoon, he was throwing a fit...and I mean a FIT...because we all weren't going outside. He is constantly, and I mean CONSTANTLY telling us he doesn't want there to be a fire. It even got to the point today that I loaded him in the car and we went and talked with our friendly, local fireman. He assured Seth we didn't need to go outside UNTIL our smoke alarms went off...and then at that point, the firemen would come to our house very fast! It's crazy...the kid is fixated on fires and smoke alarms...I don't know how many times we had to count our smoke alarms...AND to top it all off...evidently there was a fire somewhere...cause he heard some sirens somewhere (far away) and that put him into a tizzy! I am hoping and praying it is only a temporary fixation/fear and we can move on to other conversations this week. At first I was genuinely concerned for his I just think it is almost hilarious how worked up he is getting.

Saturday night at the movies...who knew Curious George was so fascinating!


Melissa said...

Fireman vs Garbage man, who knows what the future holds for dear Seth. I think you will see as he grows that there will always be a new fear/concern that pops up depending on what he heard at school, saw on tv, etc. Glad Kate is doing well, but hopefully she will settle back into her good sleeping routine soon so that mommy and daddy can too! Take care, we miss you!

Anne said...

My 4 year old daughter is scared to death of having a fire in our house too. I'm not sure where she got the idea, but we pray everynight as a family that there will be no fires in our house. So far that's been enough. Hopefully Seth will work through this quickly too :-)

Deanna said...

What a precious picture of your favorite people on your warm and cozy couch at HOME!!! Love that pic!!! Know that I'll be praying that nights FULL of sleep return quickly and that Seth's precious little heart calms quickly as well!

Love ya!