Wednesday, September 19, 2007


Here we sit in limbo again...just to wait and see! Kate's day has been so/so. She has kept 2 out of 5 feedings down. The 1st one made me really mad because they made her get a xray right after she finished eating....we all know you NEVER lay Kate down flat on her back right after she has eaten.

She got an echocardiogram this morning...there doesn't seem to be any change with that. One cardiologist who saw her last week thought she looked better today than last week. The conundrum is why she is throwing up. We are starting her back on her reflux medicine again....maybe that is the problem. Another cardiologist came in today and gave us her we haven't heard before. She too is anxious to hear from UofM and get their opinion. Surgically, she sees no reasonable surgery to be done now...and she hopes time will heal. we sit...trying to catch a few naps here and there. Kate has pretty much slept all day, but she was also up all night. She has perked up after this last feeding and is sitting up and playing. She is getting some IV fluids...but as her feeding pick up, we can drop those down. We've heard we should here the UofM report tomorrow and hopefully can be home in the next day. We don't feel we have overreacted..but right now, she is doing okay and we want out of here again! Lots of confirmation in that her blood numbers, liver size, color, xrays are all normal.

Will post a couple pictures of our sunshine later this evening...thanks for your prayers...and to everyone who stepped up to the plate today to take care of our Ft. Wayne responsibilities, especially our son!


Melissa said...

Well I'm glad things are going ok and that it looks as though your stay will be short! Will be anxiously awaiting the results of the U of M info! Take care and get some rest!

Anonymous said...

Take care. Love and hugs, Art & Reen

Anonymous said...

Whew, the roller coaster is still in motion! What a bummer for all of you. So thankful you got things rolling so quickly and it sounds like this stay will be much shorter. As always, hugs and prayers.

Deanna said...

Just want you to know that you're loved! I'm so sorry that you've had this set-back but am thankful that you will probably be headed home again soon!


Anonymous said...

So sorry that you have had to be back in the hospital, but glad that Kate is responding well. We prayed for all of you in prayer meeting last night without knowing that you were experiencing another difficulty. Hoping you will soon be back home and praying for a breakthrough in Kate's healing.