Thursday, September 6, 2007

One Day At A Time

Andy and I have decided this is the best we can do....take one day at a time...Enjoy each day in it's own and rejoice with the accomplishments of each day. We're still trying to process all of this info and we're trying our best to figure things out. Unfortunately, we haven't had much success in figuring it all out. Only God's knows...and we have to hold on to that.

Kate is doing okay today. She appears to be breathing a little heavy today. Her appetite has been okay...not the worst, but not the best...but that is normal for toddlers. I think sometimes she eats more than Seth...and he is thriving. She is getting daily weight checks...her weight has fluctuated a little, and went down a little today. We are trying not to focus on the little daily things, but look more at the "trends." That is very very hard to do, because the mommy in me just begins to worry when she doesn't eat, coughs or breathes heavy. She has been playing hard today...loving her giant bouquet of balloons from the festivities yesterday. That is encouraging.

She got visits from Jack and Amy Givens as well as prayer from Larry and Cathy's pastor and wife. Thanks for stopping in to visit us. Larry and Cathy stayed through the afternoon....thanks again for being with us. She just loves her Pampa..and he can really make her laugh.

My only complaint has been that it takes over an hour for her room service to arrive. That's hard to keep a hungry baby happy. Well, this afternoon I got a visit from the director of food service and she gave me her direct line from which to place that's service.

We are cleared to move upstairs again...but once again, they are full. Payton better donate some more money so they can build on. So...we might be in ICU for a while...but she doesn't need the extra care. The cardiologist said we can go home once we feel comfortable. I'd like a few more days with no IV medicine and good bloodwork reports....but it looks like we are on our way again.

Kate reaching for her new balloons and enjoying her new Manning hat! It's Colts mania around here, especially after yesterday and with the concert/game this evening.

And....word has it that Seth had another wonderful day at preschool....he couldn't wait to get out of the car. I'm so glad he is enjoying it...what a blessing. Thanks Art and Reen for taking such great care of him.'s dinner time....grilled cheese and noodles. We're trying Jello for the 1st time too! FUN FUN!


Melissa said...

One day at a time, one step at a time. It is the only way to live when you're in the PICU. I'm glad to hear they are ok with her going upstairs (if there were beds), as that's a good sign. I look forward to seeing you all tomorrow. Lots of prayers still going up for Kate and her family!

Anonymous said...

Andy and Krista,

I wish I had magic words to say to you, to make things all better. I somehow feel a special attachment to your family and especially to baby Kate although I have only met her once. I am constantly checking for updates... it brings a smile to my face to hear that Seth loves school. Kal is in preschool this year and loves it...but he throws a fit every time I drop him off. He does well once he is in the door though. I suppose he is testing the boundries! I am glad Seth loves it! My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family always. We will be back up that way around Thanksgiving, I hope to maybe see you guys again...and play with baby Kate some. The (whole)Layman family is being thought of and prayed for down here in Georgia. Hang in can do anything through Christ who gives you strength! Always checking in, Sara (McKee) Colter

Anne said...

Thinking of you and your family often and praying for God's guidance and His peace for you and your family!
A friend in Texas

Anonymous said...

I hope and pray that your day is a good one there Krista and Andy. I am sure that the hours must be longer and longer but as you said One Day At A Time.....I woke up last night and the first thing I thought of and prayed for was Baby Kate....God Bless her and your family today....John and Linda S

Anonymous said...

Andy and Krista,
Since retiring frm teaching I have been terrible about checking emails, but I check several times a day for updates on Kate. While we were in Nova Scotia and PEI, my internet connections weren't always the best. After telling the hosts at the bed/breakfasts or motels, they all let me use their computers and are now praying for her too! We know words seem empty, but prayers are powerful, and your family definitely has ours to add to countless others! I am babysitting with my two youngest, and last night as I was checking on Kate, Jarrett saw Kate's picture and asked many questions. He put her in his prayers and asked me first thing this morning to see if there was any news about
Kate! The prayers just keep multiplying! May God bless you all.
Ron an Sherry