Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Out for the Count

Two signs Kate is out: no paci and arms spread! She took a great nap this afternoon!

1st of sorry I have been late in updating...I know you are all anxious to hear how Kate is doing. She is doing's just been a busy day....amazingly busy for the lack of activity regarding her care.

She continues to gain strength and eat. Her weight is fluctuating...up one day, down a little, up a little. She is at the minimum calorie intake so they found this stuff called "benecalorie" that has 300 calories in an ounce of just add some to her food and milk. It says it is tasteless and so far she hasn't appeared to mind it...hopefully that will give her that added boost she needs to get over the hump and start gaining again.

It looks like we might be headed home real soon...they are working on all the discharge stuff like getting the oxygen set for home, setting up a home medicine schedule. We still have our meeting tomorrow (Thursday) and will chat with several doctors. I guess the records have just been sent today to U of M, so I don't know if we will have any of that info before the meeting.

Andy is coming down tomorrow early afternoon....I am anxious for him to see Kate as she has a lot more personality than she did last I haven't seen him in almost a week either. Please continue to lift his dad, Larry, up in your prayers as he continues the fight with bone cancer...Andy really has his plate full right now...prayers for peace and comfort for him too!

We're still not trying to get our hopes up...things change so fast around here...but right now things are looking pretty good. One of the Intensivists came in tonight and wished us luck if he didn't see us again and told us Kate is one of their favorite glad she is loved...just a bummer we had to be here long enough for everyone to fall in love!

Yesterday, her nurse Mandy, brought her in a purple bow to her hair...she looks so cute!

Kate with her washcloth and toes...who need toys?


Anonymous said...

Faith and Hope aren't just for the future. They can be your companions Every Day!

Here's hoping that today's Care Conference will yield a workable plan and that You and Andy feel supported by all the good wishes and prayers from your loyal readers.

Love and Hugs, Susan

Melissa said...

We're sorry you've been with us for so long too, but have to tell you we all fell in love with her very early on! We knew from day one that she is one special girl and so is her family! I'm glad things are getting set up for you to go home, you're well past due! God bless you all and I continue to lift you all up in prayer!

Anonymous said...

I went to bed last night lifting up Kate in my prayers...when I didn't see an entry I moved from concern to 'they must be busy having fun' and so praying it was the latter. Each day the news seems more stable and what a comforting word! We will all be with you in our thoughts today at your conference and look forward to your news. The U of M info sounds very interesting. Now for the fun word, Home? Wow, that's a place you've been away from far too long! Looking forward to hearing more today!