Sunday, September 16, 2007

Perfect Sunday

We had a wonderful day at HOME! Thanks to "Nurse Nana" who came and did the night shift...mommy and daddy got a great night's sleep and cooked breakfast!...That was awesome....Thanks Nana!

Then...just a wonderful day outside in the warm sunshine. Kate loved sitting on the blanket and playing with toys and watching Seth. We didn't get a whole lot done (beside cleaning out the deep freeze)..but it was great!

She ate even more today...and played a little more. She appears to be adjusting to home life just fine...except for the whole sleeping thing...but in a few days, hopefully we'll have that in somewhat of a normal pattern.
Her favorite activity: taking baths....she just plays and plays! God lo
ve her..she is the sweetest thing you would ever meet in your life!


Anonymous said...

Be it Cave, Condo, or Castle,
"There's No Place Like Home!"

Enjoy every moment.

--Hugs, Susan

Anonymous said...

So very happy to hear of your wonderful Sunday at home!! That Nana is a good girl.


Anonymous said...

Krista and Andy, How Thrilling it is for you two to be home and with your family under one roof. And Kate looks so good too. We are so happy for you. Halleluja....Praise God.....John and Linda....

Melissa said...

Sounds lke a wonderful day! Glad she is doing well and you are all enjoying each other!

Etta Reece said...

It is such a good feeling to hear that Kate is adjusting well to being home. I can certainly relate to the oxygen tanks as that is what we see a lot of here in Florida being ther are so many older people. I just pray that everything continues to go well for your family. You really deserve it. God Bless you all.

Anonymous said...

hope every day becomes britter than the day before. God bless y'all.

edd in tennessee

tell larry and cathy i said hea