Saturday, September 8, 2007

The Right Medicine

Thank God for modern medicine...evidently the Lasix did the trick. Kate looks tons better and ate 5oz of milk tonight....which is almost as much as she has taken all day! Thank you Jesus...sure will make me sleep a little better this evening. It amazes me once quickly Kate rebounds, once she is given what she needs! Thank God for little miracles...we need lots of those....and a big one would be fine too!!


Deanna said...

Hi dear one. Looks like you're online right now, too. SO thankful to hear about the little miracles.... and praying in anticipation of BIG ONES, too. Every time I think about Kate, I'm reminded of HOW BIG our God is. Praying to Him for her heart.... and yours tonight, love.

Hugs to you!!!

LeeAnne said...

Great to hear! God is so good! Praying for a big miracle! Love you guys!

Anonymous said...

Everything can change so quickly! Just as we have so many concerns and fears, she rebounds! Like you said, Krista, thank God for talented doctors who work so hard to help her gain strength and health. Continuing to pray for your resilience and the fortitude of knowledgeable docs!:) Warmly,

Anonymous said...

So hoping that Kate is eating well today. We are praying for that miracle.

Dave is going with your Dad to Doug's tonight for some roasted hog. Say "hi" to Nana.